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Online Interactive Sagittal Section

I used this highly valuable interactive programme during the research for my bachelor thesis. It allows you to create different sagittal sections of all the speech sounds from the IPA. Check it out =3

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Neuromagnetic evidence for a featural distinction of English consonants: Sensor- and source-space data

Speech sounds can be classified on the basis of their underlying articulators or on the basis of the acoustic characteristics resulting from particular articulatory positions. Research in speech perception suggests that distinctive features are based on both articulatory and acoustic information. 159 more words


Hemispheric asymmetries depend on the phonetic feature: A dichotic study of place of articulation and voicing in French stops

Dichotic listening experiments show a right-ear advantage (REA), reflecting a left-hemisphere (LH) dominance. However, we found a decrease in REA when the initial stop consonants of two simultaneous French CVC words differed in voicing rather than place of articulation (Experiment 1). 206 more words


The Consonant development of a twenty-six-months-old Chinese Indonesian boy


This study is about the development experienced by twenty six months little boy in producing consonants and the way consonants are combined in producing words. 164 more words


Timing is everything: Neural response dynamics during syllable processing and its relation to higher-order cognition in schizophrenia and healthy comparison subjects

Successful linguistic processing requires efficient encoding of successively-occurring auditory input in a time-constrained manner, especially under noisy conditions. In this study we examined the early neural response dynamics to rapidly-presented successive syllables in schizophrenia participants and healthy comparison subjects, and investigated the effects of noise on these responses. 256 more words