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Smell of summer nights

The smell of summer nights, a little colder. First lights, dragging our suitcases I was excited, it was enough not to fall asleep; it was enough not wake up

photo by: Roadpower

Life of salt and sunsets

Sometimes I only need a boat, a little place where sleep a gasoline tank; we could have a life of salt and sunsets.

(strait of Messina, Italy)


Selling time

I don’t feel sorry for vagabonds and nomads, I feel sorry for old people with BMW and Audi, who spent their entire life working, forgetting to travel, to dream;   selling all their time for money

photo by Denny Bitte

Last night I was at lake Bajkal

Last night I was at lake Bajkal, or better my brain was there, I was on my bed, under blankets waiting for a cold wake up and a hurried breakfast. 44 more words


Khotyn Fortress - a great stronghold

Hello, my dear friends! Today I’d like to tell you about ancient castle – Khotyn Fortress. It has a long and glorious history. Besides, it’s one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. 338 more words


My rone in the sea

Today while I was flying the drone a strong gust of wind caused the loss of the drone control, falling into the sea. I was really scared, all my work where swimming with fishes , so I throw my jacket with my phone on the beach and started swimming in cold water, after 20 minutes I funded it, trying to realize that I’m probably fucked. 66 more words



In these days I’m understanding better that you can’t really appreciate something until you lose it. therefore risks, risk doing good, risk to do something great.

(photo by: me)