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Six to the E

Sometimes I wonder if the city grows into you, kind of like grooves in a well-worn table. The pathways, routes and shortcuts, the memory of movements, all at the surface, readable with your eyes closed. 380 more words

Place #1Word5voices

Place #1Word5voices


Home is where you hang your hat. I’ll be with you wherever you go. You will always be in my heart.

It’s fun to visit different places especially if you get to see the wonders of the world or just travel to a different country. 258 more words


We have a lot of things we say about home.

‘Home is where the heart is.’

‘Home is where you are.’

There are so many others, but I think what I am beginning to realize is that home isn’t so much an exact place for me anymore. 289 more words

Rethink Church

new clothes in closet

nice look in time for the date

good place of movies


Day Nine: Place

I’ve never struggled to write something. It’s been a natural, simple process where I simply reflect and post. You see those movies where they write something, then ball it up and throw it, leading to a mess of paper balls on the ground. 206 more words