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The Three B's

Welcome back, reader, and thank you for stopping by “Pea ‘n’ Ponder”.  This week I am dealing with the task of planning our eighth mobile prenatal clinic in Haiti.   1,592 more words

HBAC The Sinister Truth and myths debunked - Follow up to my anti HBAC post Part 3 of 4

I’ve done a lot of reading the last few days in regards to HBACs and studies conducted which has helped me greatly in writing this post. 2,731 more words


Follow up to my anti HBAC post Part 2 of 4 - Why I chose to try a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caesarean)

When I found out I was pregnant with DS2, I knew I wanted to try and have a normal vaginal delivery so I started to look into my options, I read into both VBAC  and HBAC. 848 more words


Why I am so against HBAC - DS2 Birth Experience

Before I explain why I am so against HBAC (Home Birth After Caesarean) I must say that I am not against home births in general, if a woman can safely birth in a comfortable environment without intervention then that could be a truly wonderful experience, and I wouldn’t want to interfere with their choice. 1,157 more words



It feels weird to have been in the hospital. I actually missed it last night and this morning, missed hearing Glitter’s runaway horse heartbeat and missed the nurses checking up on me. 626 more words

Lesbian Pregnancy

Glitter Goes to the Hospital

Here I am in labor and delivery, but I’m not in labor.

J and I had a fun weekend with my father, who was visiting from Connecticut. 694 more words

Lesbian Pregnancy

In gratitude for good moderators

Since last June, I have been following a post on Glow in the Woods asking for success stories for pregnancies post-placental abruption. I keep hoping there will be a story like mine, and then a success (no luck yet). 912 more words