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No One Is to Blame

It wasn’t your fault, Claire.
Nor was it Jamie’s.
It wasn’t even Randall’s fault.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault.

All too often in medicine, as in life, simply horrific things happen to good people through no fault of their own. 522 more words

Season 2

Heroic Failure

Prompt Day #312: Describe a surgical operation or autopsy that transpires in total darkness.


Heroic Failure

                Most Obstetricians retire early. The lifestyle wears on you, like a professional athlete’s body, the obstetrician just cannot keep up with the sleepless nights and nonstop stress related to two-patient medicine. 1,648 more words

Writing Challenge

Pepin the miracle

it’s been a long time since i have put my thoughts and feelings into words; around a year, which is kind of scary to think of how quickly time can move on without you.   2,850 more words

A Sister To Watch Over Me

Mine isn’t the typical birth story with contractions, an uncomfortable ride to the hospital and an epidural to take the pain away. But rather, a story of 2 sisters and 5 births, many happy days and many sad ones. 1,988 more words

Hospital Birth

The Calm After the Storm

It seems everything I have ever known in the past about being pregnant has been chaotic and emotionally draining. From losing our first baby at 10 weeks, to the placental abruption on our Alaskan cruise at 24 weeks with Malachi, I have never experienced a normal pregnancy until now. 455 more words

High Risk Pregnancy

The Three B's

Welcome back, reader, and thank you for stopping by “Pea ‘n’ Ponder”.  This week I am dealing with the task of planning our eighth mobile prenatal clinic in Haiti.   1,592 more words