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The Birth - a journey through postpartum depression

Caution: this blog post might be triggering for some people

I find it so ironic that when you are expecting your first child people always recommend that you attend a prenatal class. 1,008 more words


28 Weeks

Well as of last Sunday I hit the coveted 28 week mark.  Although still VERY early to deliver (and I’m certain I won’t be delivering in the next week or so), hitting the third trimester and getting farther along, closer to 40 weeks the statistics improve drastically.   480 more words


The Battle

I’m well into the second week of being on moderately reduced activity and I’ve hit 26 weeks!  It’s both easier and much harder all at the same time.   309 more words


At Home on Modified Rest

Well, I’ve been home since Monday and today’s only Friday.  Not even a full week at home and the learning curve to this new temporary life is steep.   642 more words


Going Home

Well, it’s been a week since I presented to labor and delivery triage with the worst abdominal pain I’d ever felt in my life.  I’ve had ultrasounds, EKG’s, bloodwork and other tests trying to figure things out without ever coming up with a definitive diagnosis. 917 more words


Ramblings From the Hospital

I’m on day 6 of hospitalization and modified rest.  It’s weird that I have expected this to come, yet now that it’s here I’m in a bit of disbelief that it’s actually happening.   559 more words


The Birth of Rory

We just celebrated my youngest girl’s third birthday yesterday.  It was a little bittersweet since I have always considered three to be a bigger transition.  They are officially exiting babyhood and now entering the preschool era. 805 more words