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Travel with Orange

Because my passion is capturing precious moments, I had think of sharing in my instagram account, the beauty of the world through my photography. Follow me at Travel with Orange. 29 more words

Places To Explore

Who did this at some point of their life?

When I was in my elementary days, i enjoyed climbing fruit trees especially the kaimito tree or the commonly known star apple tree. At the back of our school yard lined up star apple trees. 38 more words

Places To Explore


Sometime soon I will back into life. When the spring starts, you will see me in my youth again. So just enjoy my scene for now because I am totally unique in my own way and when the time comes that the new me comes, I guarantee you will enjoy more.

Places To Explore

La Bella Luna

At La Bella Luna is a nice house with a waterwheel…

And nearby another building,.. a fun-looking house…

Then i saw a lake with waterfalls, 35 more words

Places To Visit

Brandy Wine Island

I have been to this area before, but not for a while…
now it is all different…

It’s a big island to walk round, or run ;-) with places to sit along the way… 29 more words

Places To Visit

Mount Whitney

There is an area in Second Life called Mount Whitney
where you will find lots to see…
but first i arrived at this house:

Actually I found it tricky to get inside, but maybe you can find a way ;-) 52 more words

Places To Visit

After the Rain

What else could be more romantic than sitting on a bench after the rain?

It is just simply sitting, talking, laughing while watching other university students playing on the ground.