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Vermont Maple

My friend TPd me to Vermont Maple and we had a little dance while we chatted…

Then she had to leave and i explored the sim some more… 63 more words

Second Life


At Incantre I saw this big tower….

And climbed all the way to the top ^^

Along the way to the top there was some food and drink… 33 more words

Second Life

Snuggles Forest

I arrived at Snuggles Forest near a church.

I walked on a little way until I found a vardo (gypsy wagon)… i sneaked inside to take a look. 66 more words

Second Life

Calypso Cove

Calypso Cove is a nice name for a sim I think :D
And at this one there is a floating rock, like they have in the movie Avatar, and others… 46 more words

Second Life


At Underwood is another race track that i visited. But this one is huuuge!

What you see in the picture above is only a very small part… 53 more words

Second Life


At Montdidier in Second Life, there is a Marina with nice boats moored.

You have to be careful here because if you wander too far you end up on someone’s property, 70 more words

Second Life


I didn’t end up on one of the moon’s of Jupiter when my friend Teleported me to this place…

Instead I ended up at a carousel/merry-go-round… 65 more words

Second Life