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Luna to Sistiana

Today’s challenge was to find a region to visit beginning with L…
and so I found Luna :D

There are lots of shops here, but nothing to really explore… 83 more words

Second Life


At Helsing in Second Life is an underwater lab,
called Cap’n Nemo’s Underwater Observatory.
I have visited before, but found myself at again…
with a group of friends :D… 34 more words

Second Life


At Paikea in Second Life I found this house boat moored at a small island.

I TPd my friend and we went aboard.

The sofa and chairs are tricky to sit on where you want, but comfy. 27 more words

Second Life

Hestium II @ Mystic

My yacht docked at Hestium and went up the steps and there was ice cream and tea waiting for me ^^

Then after that I walked a little way and talked to a little helper person ^^ 35 more words

Places To Visit

Diamond Bay

Follow the garden path at Diamond Bay…

…and you will find yourself in a wood with winding paths to follow.

I have visited here with a few people and we have found a hut, house, and a church. 29 more words

Second Life

A secret place...

At a secret place, that i’m actually not allowed to say where *grins*
…there is a house in the woods.

A statue of a wolf stands fast and lights the way beneath the moon, and bats (or birds). 121 more words

Second Life

Vermont Maple

My friend TPd me to Vermont Maple and we had a little dance while we chatted…

Then she had to leave and i explored the sim some more… 63 more words

Second Life