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Soliciting suggestions what to visit in Vietnam? 

I will be having a short trip to Vietnam, what places and activities, anyone could suggest for me.

Thank you.

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Photography for Beginners Lesson 2: The Rule of Thirds

Hi, yesterday, I have learned about the Exposure Triangle, I hope you did too. Today, we will learn what is meant by the Rule of Thirds. 182 more words

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Overnight Stay at the Sea Garden Resort

It’s my birthday weekend, we decided to have an overnight stay at the Sea Garden Resort in Leganes, Iloilo, Philippines. We spent less than 5,000 pesos for a group of 15, the expenses includes the hotel accomodation, food and swimming expenses.

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Explore Tagaytay

My Travel buddy and I went to Tagaytay one fine day, and decided to stay overnight to experience the Tagaytay winds.

We stayed at Keni Po. 54 more words

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Kalibo Adventure

For the kids summer is about to end, but for me it has just began. My school schedule for summer is June and July. So that is why I said so that my summer has just began. 113 more words

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