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Memory Monday, Week 121

August 2000 — More scenes from my mom’s visit to Albia, Iowa, where she got to meet and spend time with several family members for the first time. 86 more words


Moab is Full

We went over to Moab to ride the rides and man is that place full to the brim! In addition to being jeep-something week it was also dim-wit in 2wd van getting stuck in the sand week and wait in line forever at City Mark-up week… 155 more words


The rise and fall and rise of British canals

The national canal network of Britain powered its Industrial Revolution, then fell into disuse, and then rose again in the late 20th century.

When people think of the Industrial Revolution a few images spring to mind: coal, trains, factories, iron, steam, grime! 452 more words


Kinda twisted

It’s a hard life being a tree on the coast here, but this one has done what it takes to survive, getting creative with its roots. 16 more words


Vernal/Mayfield Cemetery One of County’s Earliest Places of Burial

Blog post by Randi Richardson

Behind the historic Mayfield house on Oard Road, with enough space in between for a nice sized garden, is a cemetery.    581 more words


More Lockdown luggage labels

I is for Inverness. There was a period in time when I was across in Inverness with UHI business almost every week. Fortunately, we mostly use videoconferencing for those meetings these days, and the UHI was WELL ahead of the curve in using this technology for education. 156 more words

Eastern Province, Sierra Leone 🙃

Something Long And Complicated selfie (Eastern Province, Sierra Leone)

Sierra Leone has the third largest harbour in the world and is always looking forward to the arrival of cruise ships. 429 more words