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Zakopane, Poland 

This is just a late post. I had a chance to visit this breathtaking place in the southern part of Poland called Zakopane wherein you can enjoy sightseeing and just feed your eyes with a picturesque view of Tatra mountains. 53 more words



foto: Kasia Marcinkiewicz

make-up i stylizacja: Joanna Łukijańczuk

client: ŁADNE BEBE


Flight of the Day #2537

Look how people squeeze their squares into whatever lands the mountains will allow them.

A little blinking light delayed our flight back, but we finally made it home this evening. 86 more words

Photo Of The Day

Great Britain

Great Britain is both the largest island in the Blessed Isles archipelago and a former kingdom.

The island of Great Britain, also referred to as Britain, contains the modern nations of England, Scotland and Wales. 129 more words


vieta romantiskai atpūtai / kempings Melnsils

Jūs drošvien arī esat šur tur manījuši šīs ārkārtīgi romantiskās mucu mājiņas jūras krastā. Jau sen vēlējos izbaudīt šo skaistumu un tā sniegto sajūtu gammu uz savas ādas. 464 more words


Disney Sea - The Shows

Although theme parks are traditionally for children and families I have found the Tokyo Disney Sea park to be far more friendly to the older crowd (people over twenty years of age) than any other theme parks I have visited. 219 more words