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Public transport on Water

“Neladha bittu neera mela bandi hogadhu” goes a popular kannada song..” Hoguthe- Nerrina mela Barge hodre bandi adhmele hoguthe”(Vehicles can move through water through a barge).. 186 more words


Termites - Grazers of the Savannah

In 1896 David Wynford Carnegie crossed the Gibson and Great Sandy Desert in search of good pastoral and gold-bearing land. In his account of the expedition, named  278 more words



From a distance, though covered in green…

I hear the thundering orchestra, of something unseen…

Pleading the winding path to reveal

What the cloak of leaves conceal… 367 more words


Get your Visa and go… to Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Part 2: The night train

Night trains are a special mode of transportation. You don’t get the feeling you are on the road. Laying in one of the cabins, with a reading lamp above your head, in a train cruising in the dark, I usually get a satisfactory warmth and comfort before falling into the most safe and sound sleep, feeling as if I was traveling through space and time, knowing I would wake up to a new place, meet new people, see new things. 1,893 more words


Metal box

Watching the trees pass by…
Along with the wind…
From inside the metal box…



Most of England has no mountains; East Anglia has only gently rolling hills, and consequently the climbing of mountains has not featured greatly in my life. 614 more words