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Catastrophe ail

For the non French speaking readers of the blog the title translates as Garlic disaster! 236 more words


Graduating to Gaucho!

I have been doing some turks heads (probably 13 or 14 now) on things I put out for sales.  They aren’t the prettiest, but they are much easier to make neat. 93 more words


How to braid the mane of your horse

As I continue discovering the world of equestrianism, I learned that braiding is compulsory for equestrian shows. This gives the judges the impression of a clean and tidy horse. 59 more words


I cut my rags too thin.

“To be a spiritual warrior means to develop a special kind of courage, one that is innately intelligent, gentle and fearless….and to draw out without evasion the lessons learned from difficulties.” – … 167 more words

If only they could talk: 8 conversations you’d have with your horse

For this my 100th post, I thought I’d go for the lighter side and share with you this cute post from Horse & Hound (UK), which provides an endearing insight into our horses’ mind. 668 more words


New Zealand and basketry

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to New Zealand and Australia and am feeling inspired by the wonderful scenery and baskets which I saw around me.  83 more words


Whip Making - Bolster Method

So, I recently heard about bolster in a way that makes sense.

At first I refused to consider the idea, but when it was pointed out the bolster absorbs the air space between braiding layers and helps prevent friction of the the braids from ruining the whip faster – I really like that idea. 150 more words