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Material tests: Paper

Sheet 1:

This first sheet largely features test pieces folded in some way. I tried folding the paper both parallel/perpendicular to the edges and along the diagonal and found that the paper folded equally as well in all directions. 630 more words


A Weaving I Will Go (Cook Islands Style)

This was originally posted in 2010 on our family blog…

I have been interested in the local weaving for quite a while and decided to get my A-into-G and make some enquiries a few weeks back. 545 more words


Revised: Watch out Indiana Jones, we're making a whip!

1) Whip fun
2) Over-all plan of this whip & materials
3) The walk through of the process and parts

See one of the whip competition formats here:   2,281 more words



It has been a sociable month – got together with friends Karen and Helen and made Christmas trees, reindeer and starts in willow and cane.  The following week the… 69 more words


Jennifer Heller Zurick

On a recent visit to Kentucky I was fortunate to spend a day with Jennifer Heller Zurick in her workshop learning how to make a willow bark basket.  252 more words


Braiding ... Take aways

The 2 month recap is a mess, so here’s the run down…

For flat braids

  • Start with cheap Imperial Synthetic flat braid, don’t cut your own unless you have it already at $8 – $12 you can not go wrong with a reel of black & another of white.
  • 291 more words

Fine Art... Traces

Having Fine Art last week was something I was more comfortable with from the beginning that 3D Design. I think this is because, although I had also never done fine art before, it seemed less alien than 3D design. 749 more words