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L. Tom Perry, Saturday Morning Session April 2015

The entire theology of our restored gospel centers on families and on the new and everlasting covenant of marriage. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe in a premortal life where we all lived as literal spirit children of God our Heavenly Father. 128 more words


Who You Are, Why You Matter

   Its common discussion in missionary efforts to cover the questions most human beings have in common- Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  What will happen when we die?   1,481 more words


Toward Understanding Calvinistic Salvation from Supralapsarianism, Infra-lapsarianism, Amyraldianism, and Congruism Perspectives

Taken and adapted from, “The Plan of Salvation”
Written by B.B. Warfield.


…all attempts to conceive the operations of God looking to salvation universalistically, that is as directed to mankind in the mass, 5,981 more words

I'm Spiderman

At the end of the Spiderman (2002), Peter Parker remembers some of his Uncle’s final words to him: “With great power comes great responsibility.” 146 more words

Pop Culture

April 2015 Issue of Christian Worker (Godliness)

Here’s a link to the latest PDF issue of the Christian Worker.

Here are the topics that you will find:


The Dead Who Die in the Lord

The Dead Who Die in the Lord

Bruce R. McConkie


I shall speak of a subject which strikes dread—even terror—into the hearts of most men. 2,119 more words

Eternal Life

Surrounding Yourself With Allies

Allies.  Partners.  Friends.  We all need them and especially more so if we are to walk through the sinful mess that is the world we live in.  521 more words