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Royal Navy scrambles to shadow Chinese warships in English Channel as they head to Baltics for first war games with Russia

The Royal Navy scrambled a warship to shadow a Chinese flotilla as it steamed through the English Channel en route to meet Russian vessels for manoeuvres in the Baltic Sea. 371 more words

Review Article

Back to Work

When my first signing of the season ended, and The Veiled Path to Destiny was released, I had planned to jump right back into writing and getting the next book on the agenda out. 301 more words


Preventing Business Failure At The Outset

An idea may have a lot of potential as you mull over it in your mind. The concept may seem winning even when you discuss it with friends or colleagues. 239 more words


VIDEO: Fear Setting

A stimulating presentation by Tim Ferris.

Tim Ferris discusses the values of stoicism and breaking down your fears on a microscopic level. Shedding a different light in setting goals. 12 more words


The Art of Being Busy

It can be so easy to get caught up in a busy day or week or month. It can be so easy to take that busyness and carry it into the next day or into a social event or into your sleep. 278 more words


Small Business Owners over 50: Do You Have a Retirement Plan in Place?

As a small business owner over the age of 50, do the words, “I don’t plan to retire” or “my retirement fund is my business” sound familiar? 56 more words

Elon Musk offers updates on Falcon Heavy, Dragon 2 and Mars mission

(Source: techcrunch.com)

During a talk at the ISS R&D conference on Wednesday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk provided a number of updates about progress on the Falcon Heavy rocket, crewed Dragon capsule development and his vision for an eventual crewed mission to Mars with the ultimate goal of human colonization of the red planet. 541 more words