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When confusions annihilate

As mathematicians we spend most of our lives confused about something or other. Of course, this is occasionally interrupted by moments of clarity that make it worth it. 410 more words


How to almost prove the 4-color theorem

Vaughan Jones often quips at the beginning of talks on Planar Algebras (see these lectures, for example) that the worst thing you can say about Planar Algebras is that they have not yet yielded a proof of the 4-color theorem. 681 more words

Planar Algebras

The Jellyfish Algorithm

Stephen Bigelow, Scott Morrison, Emily Peters and I have a preprint up on the arxiv today about the extended Haagerup subfactor and its planar algebra. 740 more words

Planar Algebras

New Journal: Quantum Topology

The European Math Society Publishing House (a non-profit publishing company which also publishes the Journal of the EMS, CMH, and half a dozen other journals) just announced a new journal: … 45 more words


Extended Haagerup Exists!

Following on from Noah’s post about the great Modular Categories conference last weekend in Bloomington, I’ll say a little about the talk I gave: Extended Haagerup exists… 558 more words


TQFTs via Planar Algebras (Part 3)

This is the third and final post in my series about using planar algebras to construct TQFTs. In the first post we looked at the 2D case and came up with a master strategy for constructing TQFTs. 2,117 more words


TQFTs via Planar Algebras (Part 2)

In my last post I explained a strategy for using n-dimensional algebraic objects to construct (n+1)-dimensional TQFTs, and I went through the n=1 case: Showing how a semi-simple symmetric Frobenius algebra gives rise to a 2-dimensional TQFT. 2,259 more words