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Bizarre Bazaar - Fantastic Items from the Planes for D&D 5th Edition

Here’s the first of a new series I hope to tackle, quite simply an assortment of strange and wonderful items (both magical and mundane).  For this first post, I thought I’d return to an extraplanar theme.  1,363 more words

D&D 5th


This is an assigment given to us to study the structure of a dome ; and also the tension and compression forces within the dome. In my work, I tried to examine how to domes can relate to each other and form how secodary dorm will stand. 31 more words



Portraits of Cajsa shot wih Hasselblad 500cm and Planar 80 f/2.8 @f/2.8. Click on picture for a larger version.
©Tom Gagner, photographer


Cajsa #5

Another portrait of Cajsa. Now with Hasselblad 500cm with Zeiss Planar CF 80mm f/2.8.
©Tom Gagner Photographer


Superbike gets Bootstrapped Instrument Refit

got rid of the standard, factory gauges on his GSXR Super-bike and installed a custom built instrument panel which displays some additional parameters which the regular instrumentation cluster did not. 352 more words

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