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Take a Number (City of Seven Seraphs: Numerology)

(55% Funded! Week 2 begins!)

Numerology in the City of Seven Seraphs

A very brief look at the single digit numbers as seen by someone classically educated in City of Seven Seraphs: 561 more words

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Follow You Into the Dark (The Second Shadow Lock has Opened!)

(Kickstarter 51% Funded – Click Here To Visit!)

Pencils down everyone! The second Shadow Lock has been discovered and solved! And it really couldn’t have been planned any cooler than this… People keeping up with the story know that a few days ago a young girl discovered the first Shadow Lock that barred the way to the… 285 more words

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Only 48 hours for early adoption AND Nexus playtest!

(46% Funded by Day 5! Visit campaign here!)

Greeting Spherewalkers, Backers and other awesome people! We are 46% percent funded on Day 5!!! We are so excited that our team has gone into OVERDRIVE trying to give you preview material for this project! 147 more words

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The Dark of it... (Catherine Reveals the Shadow Locks!)

Kickstarter Update

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Congratulations to Catherine of Murray, Utah. She was the first one to discover the Shadow Lock Mysteries! Following the clues to she uncovered the hidden message to contact us with her triumph. 155 more words

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Darkness & Light (City of Seven Seraphs: Parities)

“Memory. That is what that the Seraphs are—Reminders of the Law of Parity.  We must keep Balance regardless of the length of our Age. They stand between Light and Dark. 958 more words

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Puzzle Pieces (City of Seven Seraphs: Ron Lundeen)

“The Seraphs? Yes, yes everyone talks about the wings, their mysterious masks. The abstracts of the divine they do or don’t represent. All very pretty… but so many people miss the hands. 167 more words

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