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For the Uninitiated: Black Lives Matter UK's Plane Stupid Shutdown

 The Black Lives Matter UK’s Plane Stupid Shutdown: was an incident in September 2016 which involved the suspension of services at a London Airport due to a protest by activists designed to highlight the negative impact of climate change on the lives of black people.

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Gender Mereology


Originally published on the Norwich Radical.

I’m writing this in something of a state of shock. Yesterday, following a hastily shortened trial, and alongside twelve others of the #Heathrow13, I was… 1,062 more words

Climate Change

Greenpeace blog

Originally published on the Greenpeace blog.

Last July, I was part of a Plane Stupid direct action on Heathrow’s Northern runway. The action was part of long-running campaign against the third runway at Heathrow, and against UK airport expansion more generally. 780 more words

Climate Change

Trial Round Up: Day III

Day 3: a sad day for J McDiz


By this point we’re all relatively relaxed about the whole shebang – I’ve sussed the cycle route to Willesden and everything. 1,455 more words

Climate Change

Trial round-up: DAY II

Day 2: evidence

Amusingly, after getting schooled during my evidence on the use of “Third World”, sassy McGhee has rather taken to using the term “Global South”. 1,494 more words

Trial Round Up: DAY I

Warning: contains severe facetiousness

Day 1: the beginning

Despite having to wake up seemingly about ten minutes after I went to sleep and mission across London to Willesden, the morning was amazing. 1,520 more words

Climate Change