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I’m well aware that I haven’t done very much on this recently. Sometimes when I know I have things to do, it makes me feel physically sick! 667 more words

GTA V's Missions Are The Ultimate Thrill Ride

(Source: kotaku.com)

The Grand Theft Auto series is the modern epic, encompassing American culture in all its decadence and corrupted glory. The humor is crass, the violence is shocking, and the game’s allure keeps us going mission after a mission as we follow a cast of conflicted criminals. 1,204 more words


This futuristic jet takes off vertically so you can keep it in your backyard

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Meet the TriFan 600.

Made by XTI Aircraft, the personal jet could change the way people travel with its ability to take off and land vertically. 368 more words


I Wish You Had Bought The Train Ticket

Sometimes I wish
that you hadn’t had to buy the plane tickets
to go back to the city
that will make you run throughout the day… 368 more words

English Poetry

Ground Control to Major Tom

What better way to play pretend (pilots) than with a real plane! And while singing Ground Control to Major Tom (we watched ONE movie with the song in it, and it stuck). 106 more words


Sky high

My favourite bit of plane rides is the take off. You’ve checked in, had a coffee at the airport, queued for boarding, found your seat, listened to the saftey instructions and now your sitting on the run way and it all seems real. 276 more words

Pickled Joy

Faith at 40,000 ft.

Truth: I’ve been gone so long that I couldn’t remember what I had named this blog – couldn’t remember what email address I used, what password I chose… none of the usuals worked …I started worrying I was turning into my grandmother, who couldn’t remember her password even if her password was “password” and was written on a sticky note on her desk. 489 more words