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Sheffield Elephants vs Hull moths

Points for Sheffield

  1. Bigger scale and more 3D than moths so more area for design.
  2. As 3D and at ground level could engage with them more; stroke them, or give them a pat on the way past or children could crawl between their legs, of course it was strictly forbidden to sit on them but think there is a few people with pictures of themselves or their children sitting on them.
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Flight Friend

I had forgotten how good the South African Airways hospitality was until my flight this evening. Apparently the whole plane was ordering gin and tonic, so sadly I didn’t get my miniature Tanquerey to celebrate the start of my journey. 316 more words

South Africa


I recently took up the hobby of RC Flying. Here are some pictures of my first plane and my first lesson learning how to fly it.


Why You Came - Haiku #104

You came to visit

One last time here on this plane

To say our goodbyes


The Age of Flying Cheap

Why is flying so cheap and how can you take advantage? 684 more words


Expedia Study Reveals The Most Annoying Things People Do On Planes

By Sarah Carroll

When it comes to flying on airplanes, we’re all in this together.

Us 100 or so people have to share a very small space together, so the least we can all do is be courteous to each other. 161 more words