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Traveling ❤️ (Zürich Airport)

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything for the past few days, but there’s a great reason behind it. I’ll be making a few posts about it soon.


Vanishing Trace

① memo 20170328 ~ Vanishing Trace ~ Holland


​Arrival: First Thoughts and Travel

Well, I’m here in Lima now! It’s just before 8 and I’m in the breakfast area of my hotel. One word to sum up the journey and my first reaction to Lima: overwhelming! 886 more words

Gap Year General

Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn - Western (and Westernized Muslim's) Definition of Terrorism

If it’s a missile that kills hundreds and it’s fired from a western tank or plane – it isn’t terrorism; even when women and children form the majority of those who are murdered. 88 more words


American Diaries '16: The beginning

Dear American diary 2016,

I thought I would have set foot in the land where the American Dreams lie when I was at least in my 20s,  but who would have predicted that it happened in 2 Oh 16. 399 more words


Mexican teens killed by plane while taking selfies

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

MEXICO CITY: Two young women were hit and killed by a small aircraft as they were taking selfies by the side of a landing strip in northern Mexico, media reported on Monday (Mar 27). 159 more words

Current Affairs

The Plane, The Plane

Well here it is and I actually did something different. The sun was setting,  so the light is low, which means I had to increase the ISO and in turn made the picture a little grainy.   152 more words