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Why I travel

As I finish packing for another trip, I realise that I am asking myself why do I travel. What is it that makes me want to go to new places, get lost, lose things, forget things, not know the language, not know what I am ordering. 271 more words


A sky full of planes

I spent most of yesterday afternoon lying in my garden – enjoying the sun, listening to music, and looking at the sky. When you really take the time to look at the sky, you realise what a busy place it is. 1,049 more words


Flying Evanescent: Weekly Photo Challenge

Moments in time flying past

Moments soon disappearing, memories quickly fading.

Whilst those unknown on board, holidaying perhaps, their memories to keep

An evanescent moment quickly gone but in the mind it lingers on… 69 more words

Irene Waters

DHS secretary: Electronics ban may be expanded to flights departing US

(CNN) — Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly confirmed to CNN Friday that he is considering expanding the ban on large electronics in airplane cabins to include flights departing from the US to overseas. 285 more words


Authorities: Cocaine plot included submarines, planes

Prosecutors in New York say a drug trafficker plotted to move U.S.-bound cocaine between South and Central America with submarines and planes.

from FOX News http://ift.tt/2rpQMmQ

FOX News



Have opted for Golden Hour photos

at either end of the day.

Only a matter of weeks ago and probably

through our living room window. 89 more words