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Three Pictures: The Insides of Planes

Somewhat of a follow up to the last Three Pictures –

Someday the things that are mundane and awkward to take pictures of will tell us something about history. 75 more words


Earning The Name Fighting Falcon

Let’s be honest here… the F-16 is one hell of a plane with its extreme super maneuverability and high thrust to weight ratio it is a god among fighters. 268 more words

F16 Fighter

Reality TV

In a few days

the world

will not end

bombs will still fall

on innocent people

in villages


far away

but, with their dying… 100 more words


The Scenic Route

Several months ago, as I began to think about leaving Canada and heading towards the next adventure in my hazy, crazy life, I pondered how best to use the last few weeks of my North American dream. 1,195 more words

Travel & Exploring

Hey, you - your tongue is too long!

If your tongue is too long, it can lead to problems. As I found out today when I was fitting the center floor board in a joined chest. 613 more words


Declan Turns ONE

Time is a funny thing. Minutes are always sixty seconds and hours are always sixty minutes, but some moments (and seasons even) seem to ignore those realities and move faster or slower than normal. 592 more words