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Dreams Can Be Reality

Living your dream makes your dream a reality.. If people were always afraid to do that, we would not have cars, sewing machines, power tools, or microwave ovens. 35 more words

Daily Messages

Balsa Wood Super Cub Build: Part 2

Hi guys,

Following on from part 1 of this build documenting the support of the wing supports, rudder and horizontal stabiliser (which can be found here: https://motorsportformentalhealth.com/2017/01/30/balsa-wood-super-cub-build-part-1/ ) We find ourselves building the main set of wings. 298 more words

february 19th, 2017

the plane skims along the tarmac – its

body relaxing into a

smooth stride before coming to

a stop near the gate where

inside, restless legs… 10 more words

Goodbye to Florence: Italy #10

So I almost got a lie in but my dreams of travelling with a talking dog were interrupted by bustling in the kitchen and a small yapping dog outside my room. 1,802 more words


Ear Pain from Air Pressure

I fly to Sweden roughly every third or fourth weekend. Flying is something I enjoy (even the turbulence) but on the descent fellow passengers look at me strangely because I’m holding the side of my ears. 384 more words


The Golden

Once upon a time, in a much more pleasant time, I was able to travel a lot. Twice every year, once during summer holidays and once during Chinese New Year – on both occasions the travelling placed me in the pink of health rather than the fraying, graying depressing stink of airplane seats (although that did happen, minutely) – two occasions where having family members stuff each other with goodies was commonplace. 601 more words