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ITAL TEK: Hollowed 2xLP/CD Planet Mu

ITAL TEK: Hollowed         2xLP/CD   Planet Mu

Alan Myson’s latest album is the culmination of two years sat in the studio, reliving old techniques that he originally started out with as tools for the journey ahead. 183 more words

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Venetian Snares - Traditional Synthesizer Music (TimeSig / Planet Mu album, 2016)

I reviewed this brilliantly wonky album by Aaron Funk for Clash. The album was created using modular synths and has that reverential dimension common to early synth records, mixed with Funk’s usual obtuseness. 11 more words

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VENETIAN SNARES: Traditional Synthesizer Music 2xLP/CD Planet Mu / Timesig

VENETIAN SNARES: Traditional Synthesizer Music     2xLP/CD    Planet Mu / Timesig

Aaron Funk has always been guilty of saturating the market he resides in; with what seems to be a million and one releases to his name. 229 more words

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Label Focus: Planet Mu

This piece was originally published in the October 2015 issue of Mixmag.

Venetian Snares - Your Face

(Planet Mu, 2015)

Aaron Funk needs no fucking introductions, when it comes to the twisted, funny and intense genre of Breakcore, or “extreme” Electronic Music in general. 292 more words

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Douglas Deeps Radio Show #16 01/06/15 - A Trip To Planet Mu

The shed collective this month is dedicated to the legendary record label Planet Mu, who are celebrating their 20 year anniversary.

Machinedrum – Fantastix… 102 more words

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Legion of Two - And Now We Wait

The month of May has flown by in a flurry of activity and stress laden events and in order to soundtrack such circumstances, I repeatedly re-listened to this tune by two Irish guys who perform under the sobriquet of Legion of Two. 107 more words