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Top 5 Franchise Revivals/Long-Awaited Sequels

With a great portion of Hollywood today being focused on reliving the last 40 years of cinema, the long-awaited sequel has become a trend that can’t seem to be stopped. 866 more words


Escape Back to the Planet of the Apes: Enter Paradox

The third of Jokerside’s retrospective looks at a turning point of the all-conquering Planet of the Apes franchise. This summer’s revelled in dystopia, showing that the recent Apes reboot was ahead of its time. 2,399 more words


Tribal Wisdom

One of my favorite sociology experiments happened in 1967, and was completely accidental. During the filming of The Planet of the Apes, actors ate lunch in make-up and costume. 814 more words


#HarryPotterAMovie Is the Perfect Millennial Nostalgia Trip

Twitter was transformed into a virtual Diagon Alley early Wednesday when #HarryPotterAMovie began trending in the U.S. From coast to coast, millennials unleashed four years’ worth of pent-up nostalgia by posting Photoshopped images of  271 more words

Sequel Prequel Cash Cows (Modern Blockbuster Pt. 2)

Did you read my previous post on blockbusters? Good, now you’re up to speed. Otherwise this tame profane-less rant won’t make much sense and besides, I hate doing recaps. 1,347 more words


And I saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Ever since I first heard that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) had signing apes, I wanted to watch it. With sweet stories like this heart-rending one of… 667 more words


Wayward Pines Season 1 Review

The show began with a very cryptic tone, without giving much information in the first couple of episodes.  At about halfway through the season, it had been made clear to the audience what was really happening and most of the mysteries had unraveled.  273 more words