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FIRE-EARTH Alert: Planet of the Apes

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FIRE-EARTH Alert: Planet of the Apes

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Apes Victorious; Scientist Class

The PDF of Apes Victorious was released today by Goblinoid Games! (The print version will be available within a few weeks.) It uses the same rules system as… 832 more words


Jurassic PETA

So plot details for the Jurassic World sequel have started to leak out and to honest it’s a bit of a change of tack.

Spanish filmmaker J.A. 570 more words


Planet of the Apes (1968)

A triumph that inspired a whole franchise, Planet of the Apes showed us a vision of an unsettling world in which mankind has been subjugated by intelligent apes. 647 more words

Silver Screen Sunday

When Groids Are Allowed to Roam Free

Do not criticize groids or else.  That’s what the jew overlords and their puppet groids tell us every day.  They can harass, maim, rape, and kill White people with no punishment.  

2,831 more words

Wakey Wakey, Whitey!

Film Friday: Planet of the Apes and its Stupid Poster (1968) (spoilers)

Film Friday is a weekly post in which an important film is taken, analyzed and reviewed.  Best to have seen the film in question before reading these posts as there are spoilers. 911 more words


War for the Planet of The Apes Teaser

Yes, there’s another one coming! Whether you like the new series of Apes films or hate them, you do have to admit that the visuals are stunning and the mo-cap work done by Andy Serkis and co is consistently incredible. 399 more words