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How Eggs Are Cooked Around The World

I wouldn’t trust a lizard even if it handed me a background check notorized by António Guterres himself, but despite our different bloods and tongues I’d still accept an invitation to dine. 732 more words

Chemical Trails

Why are there such streaks;

White and bulky, polluting

The natural blue sky?

Only Aeroplanes could soar,

Leaving trails of expanding colour.
They are not clouds, 65 more words

Wasted (Micro-Fiction)

We lived beneath the piled trash skyscrapers. Antlike, generations of our families had carved their own spaces into the towering structures, into every nook and cranny, every subterranean hole; we dared not build above the waste. 37 more words


Quick Question:

You know how people always talk,
About how the meteor killed the dinosaurs?

And then they’re always like,

“It could happen to us you know? Then we’ll have to send Die Hard and Not Good Will Hunting up there to nuke it,” 24 more words

Weird Questions

Inilah Cara Jitu Menaklukkan Wanita Cantik yang Anda Impikan, Modal Tak Ganteng Tidak Jadi Masalah Buat Anda

​Mungkin anda tidak seganteng CristianRonaldo, david beckhkam, mungin juga anda bukan laki-laki yg punya kekayaan yg berlimpah dan memiliki mobil mewah namun tahukah anda bahwa untuk menaklukan wanita cantik yg menjadi impian anda, tidak perlu mobil mewah kalau anda tak punya, cukup lakukan dan terapkan beberapa Tips di bawah ini maka insyaallah 100% anda akan berhasil mendapatkan wanita cantik idaman anda, kita langsung saja melihat beberapa tips dibawah ini:

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