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The slow fashion movement

Fast fashion is like fast food. After the sugar rush it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
~ Livia Firth

Hello people!

Today we wanted to talk with you about fast fashion.

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Sustainability with a Baby

I’ve always been fairly environmentally-conscious. I always try to recycle (Emma I’m looking at you here), generally try to be mindful, and don’t eat meat (though must confess that I dooooo eat fish – albeit only once a week). 895 more words

IMPORTANT! Water: Another Unrenewable Resource

In case you are willing to know what you should do so that water can be user properly, just keep reading this article.

Water is a very important resource and we all know that. 306 more words



by Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times

In a world of never-ending bad news for nature and Mother Earth, some good news has at last come to the Indigenous people of Brazil who recently won two separate court rulings validating their rights to land. 768 more words


Life Could Exist On Planets Around Black Holes, Claims Paper

When you think of black holes, you probably dont think of them being very friendly to life. With an event horizon beyond which not even light can escape, and surrounded by a swirling, superheated disk of dust and gas, they certainly dont seem very habitable. 8 more words


Awesome Stories 333

This week Awesome Stories brings you meat-free meat, better business, hemp cars, and meeting death.

Meat-free Meat 

Sunfed Foods wants to change the way we think about meat and maybe save the planet. 390 more words

Awesome Stories

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Here are 4 awesome stories about planet-friendly food, hemp cars, valuing people in business, and meeting death, brought to us by Brad, at "Writing to Freedom." I'm looking forward to trying "Sunfed foods.” The more plant-based protein options we have, the better for our planet - especially for the animals.