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Creating 'Planet of The University of Adelaide'

Planet of The University of Adelaide-Winter 2015

It feels weird return to Adelaide. Everything is the same, and yet different. The rhythm of ‘People are strange, when you are a stranger’ started to play round and round in my mind. 617 more words


A Gleeful Foreboding

Why we secretly crave severe storms

by Clark Strand

It’s strange how much modern people secretly crave weather-related disasters—the blizzard that shuts down a city, bringing travel and commerce to a halt, the tropical storm that knocks out power, leaving millions in the dark. 674 more words


Pluto's Cycles of Glacial Flood and Retreat

The darker tone of the northern part of Sputnik Planum where the glacial front is flowing northward is clear in this enhanced color view.

So while land is being flooded with a tsunami of ice in the north of Sputnik Planum, in the south ice appears to be draining off the highlands south of the Norgay Montes and leaving behind a landscape painted in a patina of ice that shows up as a light greenish-blue in enhanced color images. 616 more words

Sputnik Planum

Planet Wise Reusable Pail Liner Totally Tie Dye

When you are attempting to determine the proper dimension liner, you should utilize this liner calculator formula to remove any kind of troubles with having also little of a liner.Liner Calculator Measurements Component “A” ( Compose these down).Liner Calculator Length dimension of pool from leading edge to leading side at the furthest point!Liner Calculator Width measurement of fish pond from major edge to leading side at the furthest point!Liner Calculator Depth measurement of Pool at it optimal factor! 127 more words

Planet Wise Wet Diaper Bag Carnival Skulls Medium Advice

Diaper bags now come in several materials and fabrics. Don’t choose a type of material solely for aesthetic purposes. When you start pondering for the buying of… 202 more words

Swift Planet Waves Hygrometer Humidity And Temperature Sensor

After that is the Digital thermo hygrometer, which assists to you in finding out the relative humidity, the exact degree of dewpoint, area temperature along with the atmosphere temp. 122 more words