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Fantastic Planet

Animation is a broad term. Literally the word animation comes from the Latin anima meaning living being, thus animation can be seen and has been seen as a way to give life to the lifeless. 938 more words

What Did I Just Watch?

Information Overload

Everywhere we are being bombarded with it – information overload – television, radio, social media, video games, advertisements, e-mail and text, and on and on it goes. 371 more words

Transformation of Consciousness

We are now experiencing, and we are witness to, one of the greatest transformations of human consciousness to ever take place on this planet. The One Mind of All That IS is expanding rapidly with the One Light of the collective consciousness. 111 more words

10 Things YOU can do to help planet Earth 🌍

1) Stop Junk Mail. Have you ever considered how much energy is used in creating all that unsolicited junk you get in the post and through your door? 524 more words


Jupiter in Tonight's Sunset

It’s been a really hot and humid stretch up around my sun-drenched corner of the world. “The grass is crunching underfoot” isn’t quite as cozy as it sounds, but then, it’s July. 71 more words

Vintage Sci Fi Poster Planet Stories Cargo To Callisto

Vintage Sci Fi Poster Planet Stories Cargo To Callisto
First Bi Montly Issue
A.N.C. Planet Stories
Cargo To Callisto by Jay Drexel
Another famous Star Mouse Story by Frederic Brown… 42 more words

Vintage Posters