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Why Geoscientists Have the Coolest Careers on the Planet and How to Prepare Students for It

When you think of geoscience, what comes to mind? This field is tasked with solving some of the most complex, exciting problems in the problems!

The Climate, The Planet, And Growth

The impression is that “green growth” doesn’t quite seem to have caught on if the recent failure of the climate bill is any indication. True, with green growth capabilities still in their infancy, just keeping up with today’s demands would be well beyond the scope of green technology. 464 more words

Does Sex Really Sell?

I don’t personally think sex sells, but sexy sure does. I get e-mails from a good friend in Arizona occasionally that are sometimes sexually explicit. Close-ups of female body parts don’t do much for me anymore…I guess it is a Baby Boomer thing. 284 more words

Sustainability and research of BS8909

The BS8909 uses social financial and enviromental elements to define their version of “sustainability” this basically mean not destroying the planet and utilising what sometimes little you have in order to sustain the earth and also money. 323 more words

How India Helped Prove Einstein Right on Ripples and Gravity - India Real Time - WSJ

The discovery of gravitational waves announced Thursday has given momentum to Indian scientists hoping to be the first outside of the U.S. to host the device that detected the signals from the collision of two black holes. 231 more words

India Alert

Out of control

What is freedom? How many options does an average person actually have to choose from in life? Have you ever felt indignant but did not find the strength to stand up for yourself? 125 more words


Hulk's hidden Movie

So I think it’s easy to say us Gamma Bros and Gamma Girls have been vindicated in our love for the Green giant. Since the first Avengers movie he has exploded in popularity. 418 more words