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Thoughts For Ponderance -- 21

Dinosaurs roamed this planet millions of years…millions of years. How crazy is that. We live in the frame of hundreds or thousands of years, but millions is a whole new order. 23 more words

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Global Warming is a Crock of Shit

by Paul Joseph Watson
Propaganda Matrix

Man-made climate change is complete BS. Every single one of these climate summits is a total waste of time. 44 more words


Disappearing Planets, Voyager's Latest Problem Solved and How Dirty is the ISS?

In this episode Laura and I discuss a disappearing planet, the cleanliness of the International Space Station, Voyager’s further discoveries in the interstellar medium and the process of using dust spirals to detect newborn planets. 89 more words


on the Kepler KIC 8462852 objects and things they might be (Part 2)

Back when I first posted about the star KIC 8463852*, the star many news sources decreed was hosting alien megastructures, I said that further work would need to be done to figure out just what those objects are.  936 more words


Japan's AKATSUKI Will Get a Second Chance at Venus Next Week

Note: this is a repost of an article from Feb. 2015 with a couple of updates.

If any of you remember it back in Dec. 2010 Japan’s Venus Climate Orbiter¬†spacecraft AKATSUKI (aka Planet-C), after a five and a half month journey through space, … 228 more words


Monday's Child

Monday’s child is fair of face.

Are you fair of face today?

Arise and Shine! Be thankful for each day.

Soon enough, soon enough,

It will be another Friday. 67 more words

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