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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 146: Learning is Important

In a library I am sitting, trying to do the learning whilst typing away due to reasons.

Right now, I’m sure it’s a sunny day outside and I’d probably benefit from getting a little bit more sun than usual, but the learning must be done so that responsibility can be upheld. 501 more words


Why is a Gas Giant Like Jupiter Considered a Planet?

We asked a constellation (no pun intended) of interrelated questions in order to get to the core principle:

  • Will something that flies into Jupiter make an impact?
  • 999 more words

Midnight Thoughts

12:04 AM

I went outside to watch the annual Orionid meteor shower. The silver moon was shining. The weather forecaster was right. It will be hard to see the stars tonight. 226 more words



The world shimmers,
glistens in dazzling monochrome;
the way to peace is paved in grey.

A woodpecker breaks the still,
tip-tap, tip-tap, tip-tap,
or a keyboard, or my heart. 26 more words


Tiny Us

This big wide world sometimes hides away all those tiny things which can’t be seen normally but their presence can’t be ignored at any cost. No matter how tiny they are, their impact is profound and and ever-lasting. 66 more words

Thoughts & Feelings

A startup's constellation of tiny satellites is now photographing a third of earth's landmass every day

Are you ready for the coming era of global transparency?

After two years in operation, the satellite-imaging startup Planet tells Quartz that it is now photographing more than 50 million square kilometers of the earth every single day. 648 more words