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What in the Heavens is going on?

People are looking at the heavens. Are there new things there?

The solar eclipse in the United States this August was an unignorable phenomenon. It may have delighted or irritated you, depending on how it affected your personal life, but either way it was “there” in a very real way. 1,104 more words


Solar Eclipse Sunlight and Shadows Through the Leaves

Here, in this short video clip, is an amazing array of shadows and sunlight casted and displayed, during the recent solar eclipse, as sunlight pierced through the tiny openings between the leaves of my pecan tree, producing thousands of copies of the moon passing in front of the Sun in the same way one views a solar eclipse using a pinhole projector. 45 more words

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Signs of the Times

We watched the eclipse yesterday. In our location only about 75% of the Sun was eclipsed but, it was interesting to watch. But, what is more interesting is thinking about what it may mean? 819 more words


Our Living Planet

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Alfred: There’s a simplicity in just being with the sensation and with the larger awareness of the whole being. 2,191 more words


Adjusting a Planet’s Orbit

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 Alfred: The breath is the breath that is universal – not my breath. It’s a breath that is suitable for other forms of being and locations. 2,468 more words


Energy Update ~ Incoming 6th Dimensional Ascension Waves to Peak Around Jan 14th ~ Jan. 12, 2017

By James Gilliland, 01/12/2017

I have observed some beyond realistic behavior on a grand scale unfolding on every level and if we are going to survive the days to come we are going to have to get back to basics. 729 more words