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 Who, What, Why, and How

We’re charting a path to a White Millennium, a goal that may well be described as miraculous and superhuman ~ so naturally it takes a certain amount of divine intervention, and the aid of those worthies whom we’re pleased to call… 462 more words


Don't Be Afraid of Retrograde

Oh Me… oh My .. Retrograde!! Stop the world.. stop everything!!! RUN!!!! HIDE!!!!! in this episode, I talk about the fear of retrograde and what it does to you and your life. 23 more words


The Family of the Ram

Welcome to the fountainhead of the White Awakening! Today it’s sweeping the world for all to see, rattling the bastions of power and seismically shifting the racial landscape. 253 more words

Family Of The Ram

Diary of a Scorpio Female 

28 January 2016

Today reminded me of that the beauty of the world is there…you just gotta look.

I read an article about the planetary alignment of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus & Mercury. 92 more words

The Energy Surge and Wonder of it All!!

What a wonderfully strange, reflective, love infused, wild airwave day yesterday was.  Not productive for readings, but differently productive for understanding the bigger picture unfolding and I really feel that is what spirits mission is right now.   1,566 more words

The Shift

a few things for February 2016

You may have seen in the media something about the planets lining up at the end of January/beginning of February. Strictly speaking, if you travelled far enough away you could always see the planets in a roughly straight line because they all orbit the sun in the same plane i.e. 212 more words


To enjoy a life of wonder and beauty, keep your head up and your eyes open.

This morning, my husband got up very early & woke our 5 year old so they could go outside to see the Planetary Alignment. The sky was clear, and the moon was nearly full behind them. 120 more words