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The Mystery of 'Curiosity' ;)

Astronomy is for everyone, believe me. Before we invented electricity and realized the potential of the motor, before we had computers and and before application software started guiding our every move, before we had modern cities and the technology of today, we used to rely on stars and patterns in the night sky and the changes that occurred in these patters with time to make our day to day decisions. 1,052 more words



Have you ever wanted to meet the god of love, the sky or maybe even the god of war? Well now’s your chance as they’ve decided to make a special appearance all of this week and next. 267 more words


The planets

This morning, after being woken at 4am by the garbage trucks emptying bins in the street outside, I walked to the back of the apartment and saw a wonderful sight. 159 more words

The celestial harbingers

“Beauty and Wisdom make a rare conjunction”
– Petronius

The news bits from past several days about Venus and Jupiter coming together had raised curiosity in me (

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Jupiter and Venus came within 1/3 of a degree apart in a planetary conjunction tonight, June 30 2015, that was 2000 years in the making. 37 more words


Venus and Jupiter Dance [Planetary Conjunction]

If you pay attention to the stars I think you might have heard something about Venus and Jupiter dancing in the sky. Its not like there will be some twerking going on but it is more of their positions making it look like they are really close to each-other in the sky. 98 more words