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The celestial harbingers

“Beauty and Wisdom make a rare conjunction”
– Petronius

The news bits from past several days about Venus and Jupiter coming together had raised curiosity in me (

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Jupiter and Venus came within 1/3 of a degree apart in a planetary conjunction tonight, June 30 2015, that was 2000 years in the making. 37 more words


Venus and Jupiter Dance [Planetary Conjunction]

If you pay attention to the stars I think you might have heard something about Venus and Jupiter dancing in the sky. Its not like there will be some twerking going on but it is more of their positions making it look like they are really close to each-other in the sky. 98 more words

Mars and Venus Conjoin

This is not about: “She’s from Venus; he’s from … an alternate universe?” This is about two real planets in conjunction.

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Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo

On monday August 18th Venus will conjunct Jupiter and the two planets will be at their closest in 14 years! If you’re wondering what this alignment means Astrologically, This will be a great day  for socializing and romance. 119 more words


Top 5 astronomical events you don't want to miss

TORONTO – Though we’ve already had a lunar eclipse, several meteor showers and even a few nights of northern lights, there’s still more cool astronomical stuff on the way. 879 more words


Morning Planets

The last three mornings the Moon has been passing through a nice gathering of planets. Saturn is the highes in the sky, bright Venus beneath it and Mercury hugging the horizon. 185 more words