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Solar Initiation

I did a Solar Initiation with Archangel Michael.

What’s an initiation?

An initiation basically connects you to the sphere of whatever you are being initiated into. 696 more words

Lady Aflame

Jupiter is in Sagittarius, and Venus has stationed direct in Libra—two benefics in their domiciles. After the year of Saturn in Capricorn (he’s still there, moving with Saturnine velocity), Mars grinding down on Capricorn and Aquarius, and Venus Retrograde and all the other Retrogrades, it’s been instructive to me to play with Jupiter and Venus of late. 1,694 more words


Jupiter in Sagittarius

Tomorrow, November 8th,  sees Jupiter entering Sagittarius at 12:39 pm GMT. Not only does this occur on the day of Jupiter but also within its planetary hour, making it a highly auspicious day for works with this planet. 1,008 more words