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The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Planet

Several months ago NPR interviewed an archaeologist who was excited about a recent find. He may have been describing this excavation of a Bronze Age village… 1,631 more words

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The Designated Watcher Plan

Back in the heyday of LSD when people had parties to ingest the drug, at least one person withheld and was designated as the watcher so that if on your trip you felt as if you could fly, this person could prevent you from jumping out of the window. 1,299 more words

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The Cycle of Dark and Light Ages

While in high school art history class studying Greek art, I learned the Greeks knew the earth was round.

I was shocked.

At the time, my understanding was that the people of the earth didn’t know the earth was round until the 15th century. 2,186 more words

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June 5: Say Anything Day

In honor of Pluto in Capricorn transformation of US culture through the political process from one of open and direct communication to one of complete potty mouth, Ohio Astrology recommends a new national holiday to release our pent-up angry and abusive but non-productive communication. 673 more words

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The Astrological Symbolism of a Gravitational Wave

As noted in the blog Does Mike Mouse Have a Personality? astrologers are excited by stories that include date, time and place. Imagine the glee of this astrologer to learn that a… 1,164 more words

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The Phone and the Bottle

While recollecting where I read a particular book the first time (I do that), my thoughts recreated a late 1980s Greyhound bus ride from Kent to Columbus. 610 more words

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