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The Sun

Oils     24″ x 24″

Creating images that depict the energy represented by the sun in an astrology chart has been an interesting journey.   I put off finishing any one image, trying one idea after another, but abandoning each as not quite right or somehow just off the mark. 215 more words

Oil Painting

What is my job as an astrologer?

Every so often, someone asks me what I think my job as an astrologer is. It’s a good question – it makes me ‘return to base’, as it were, and set out the basics again, both for the questioner – and for my own benefit. 609 more words


The Inner Meanings of Planets in Astrology

In both western and eastern cultural traditions astrology has played a major part in prophecies for both global and personal issues. We might have known some people who rarely make any decisions until they consult an astrologer first. 1,159 more words


Horoscope for Today

Daily Astrology Predictions for  Tuesday, September 12, 2017 The Neptune-Moon square favors romanticism and sensitivity, but it also brings about confusion and diminishes practical sense. You shoul…

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Reflecting on what astrology is, and revisiting Pluto...

It  has probably not escaped your notice that the trickster planet Mercury, of whom Jude Cowell wrote so eloquently in her recent Guest post, is currently retrograde…I learned a very long time ago that applying the prefix RE to as many activities as possible is a great way to get the best out of that old trickster during retrograde periods! 1,759 more words