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The Solor System: A 3rd Grade Research Planet

I am so proud to share this 3rd grade’s awesome solar system research project!

The students have been working for about four weeks to compile a multistep research report.

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Revisiting Basics

Sometimes it’s nice just to do the things you find fun. Not stenciling or mind bending process…just doing whatever you want.

Full laid out and dried:


The Exoplanet Chefs of Destruction

She alleged he was arrested twice in the habitable zone

We will see something really exciting reprinted in the Daily Mail

There was defamation, libel and slander between teams of astronomers… 69 more words


Space...The Next Frontier!

Hey Everyone!

After talking to family and friends I’ve noticed that one thing at the top of everyone’s bucket list is to enjoy the beautiful sights in our world. 978 more words

on Planets Everywhere

A recent study says that habitable zone planets are downright common. This isn’t the first time claims like this have been made.

The thing I find most interesting about this study is the way that they did it. 621 more words


[NB] Ophite Planetary Variations and Kabbalistic Permutation

While Orlov is talking through the broader Gnostic and Hermetic horizon that the Slavonic both informs and is informed by, he makes an off-hand observation that I want to highlight here. 923 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Review: Zodiac Series

This novel is part of my Goodreads challenge. When I first saw it, I figured okay this should be an interesting novel, it’s about the zodiac signs. 318 more words