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There May Be More Earth-Like Planets In The Universe Than ALL The Grains Of Sand On ALL Our Beaches

This is not an article about God. Only the wonderment of the vastness of the universe from a numerical perspective. No one realizes how small we as humans are in the larger scope of the universe. 446 more words

R.I.P Pluto

The solar system most of us grew up with included nine planets, with Mercury closest to the sun and Pluto at the outer edge. Then, in 2005, astronomer Mike Brown made the discovery of a lifetime: a tenth planet slightly bigger than Pluto.

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Pluto: Still a planet, always a planet.

Poor Pluto. I wrote a detailed essay about my feelings back in 2014, before New Horizons had gotten close enough to reveal the stunning images of Pluto and Charon that it painstakingly sent back at 38 kbps. 305 more words


Planet Mercury: Journey into Outer Space

Mankind has long gazed at the canvas of sky with the hope of unraveling the mysteries of life which goes far beyond one’s immediate reality. The quest beyond Earth (the place we call ‘home’) has always fascinated the human mind. 573 more words


Green for Go!

So you will be aware that the campaign had a bit of a wobble, well not so much a wobble as a tumble when my bike buddy Matt had an incident that demonstrated his inability to stay upright on two wheels and led him to experience the fine services of the Royal Bournemouth’s A&E dept. 205 more words