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2017 Summer Solstice on Mars

Monday November 20th is the summer solstice on the planet Mars as the planet transitions from spring to summer during its 684 Earth day orbit around the Sun. 213 more words


Session 18 - A Star Party

Saturday 4th November 2017 – 23:00-23:20

I had guests staying over for the weekend (an old university friend, and his new girlfriend), as well as my partner (who is now my fiancée, after our holiday to Scotland)! 218 more words

Observatory Log

NASA Strengthens My Faith

Day 18: Giving Thanks For Science ♥

This year the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released a stunning and exciting announcement  – the discovery of seven new planets in a solar system called Trappist-1, only 40 light years away from our earth! 670 more words


What is universe made of? 

At night when we look up in the sky we see beautiful space, twinkling stars & the moon. But this question would always be in the mind that what is space made of? 388 more words