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Celestial 3d models for a future game project

Hail there! Ok let’s start with this.

Since I was a child I always have been fascinated with space in general (and games).

Recently I got a game idea adapted from a post I read 7 years ago, but never had the time or the skills to do so. 82 more words


Mysticism Mash-Up

“Oh Lord, I am saying, at present I am a cheese, make me a mystic, immediately. But then God can do that — make mystics out of cheeses.” 529 more words


Pluto in a Minute: What’s Up With Pluto’s Small...

Pluto in a Minute: What’s Up With Pluto’s Small Moons?

When it comes to Pluto’s moons, we are always talking about Charon. But what about the little guys?

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Finding inhabitable planets might not be out of our scope


There are a billion Earths in this galaxy, roughly speaking. Not a million. A billion. We’re talking a billion rocky planets that are approximately the size of Earth and are orbiting familiar-looking, yellow-sunshine stars like our own sun in the orbital “habitable zone” where water could be liquid at the surface. 578 more words

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Pluto "Fans"

The recent fly-by of Pluto by the New Horizons spacecraft has reignited a debate that should have stayed buried forever. I’m not saying the IAU’s 2006 definition of planet wasn’t lacking, it’s just that this… 861 more words


Stress and Relaxation through the Stars

The eleventh sign of the Zodiac is Aquarius. To experience Aquarius energy, it is not just for people who have their Sun in the sign of Aquarius and  were born in January or February. 197 more words