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Bright Spots on Ceres, and Volcanoes on Venus by scishow: Dawn...

Bright Spots on Ceres, and Volcanoes on Venus

by scishow:

Dawn is spiraling in for a closer look at Ceres, and researchers have discovered the best evidence yet for active volcanoes on Venus.

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Galactiquest! Synopsis

Every planet, solar system , galaxy and Universe has a champion, and, ultimately, every champion has a crude master behind them , giving orders.

These champions are chosen by combat for political purposes. 96 more words


Your HORROR - Scope for the week of: July 5th, 2015

Hello again serious solar scanners.

This week’s prognostications are as weird as ever.

They include gravel, guile, and perhaps a smile.

I hope you enjoy them in spite of their repercussions. 727 more words


30 Days Wild in June: the month has ended but the wildness continues!

We realise we haven’t finished off our 30 Days Wild in June updates on the blog – its’ been an incredibly hot week here, and to keep the house cool we’ve been keeping the windows open and the lights off, making blogging very difficult (too dark to see the keyboard!). 579 more words

Stuff That Matters

Nature from the easychair

OK, pure and simple it is HOT!  Today, once again, we hit the 90s, and in Washington, most of us do not have A/C.  But then, most summers we get one or two days in the 90s, and that is usually July or August.   590 more words


July Perigee Moon

The Moon reaches perigee, (minimum distance from Earth), this month on Sunday July 5th at 18:55 UT (1:35 pm CDT). At that time the Moon will more or less be at a distance of 28.78 Earth diameters (367,093 km or 228,101 miles) from the Earth. 133 more words


2015.07.03 - Little Teacher

After back from business trip, Big E was telling me what she learnt:

There are 8 planets in solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune… 30 more words