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Transferring a Nintendo DS Lite to New Housing

When I was around seven years old, the hinge of my Nintendo DS Lite cracked, and my mother took it away so I wouldn’t cut myself on the broken piece. 920 more words

DCC 105

Cheap Junk

No matter what anybody says, the decline of American manufacturing won’t be reversed by tariffs on steel and aluminum. I think there is more to this issue than just industrial metals. 829 more words


Planned Obsolescence Isn’t A Thing, But It Is Your Fault

The common belief is that big companies are out to get the little people by making products that break after a short period, or with substantially new features or accessories that make previous models obsolete, requiring the user to purchase a new model. 1,408 more words


IELTS Speaking Real Test (2018): Part 3 - Replacing Things

REMEMBER in Part 3 you need to give general answers about some more academic/intellectual questions.  Just like in Part 1, you have NO time to think about your answer. 864 more words

Pollution & Space Eggs.

“Why is your shake machine never working?”

The lady screams this into the drive-thru speaker through the open driver side window of her minivan with jarring aggression. 797 more words

Beating Fitbit at the Planned Obsolescence Game

About three years ago we bought a Fitbit Aria scale for $170 Canadian plus tax.  We had a scale that we had had for many years, and that still worked, but the allure of a scale that not only measured mass, but also calculated body fat percentage and BMI, and sent it to your Fitbit account wirelessly, was too much to resist for my husband who likes automated appliances. 658 more words

What is the best way to conserve battery power on an Apple Watch? Airplane Mode? Low Power Mode?

Over the past couple of weeks I have been experimenting with conservation of Power on my aging Apple Watch. Yeah you know the one, the one that I won’t replace because I will very likely dump Apple’s iPhone in the coming several months! 647 more words