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Kalua Pork and Coconut Rice

When my kids were all still at home, and before freezer cooking really caught on, I had three tricks for keeping up with meal prep, the first was double or triple batching, or what I called Cook once, eat twice (or 3x).   388 more words

Pocket Momma

Thursday, January 15, 2015 - Planned-overs

There are days that are so busy that cooking dinner is a chore. There are days when I just don’t feel like spending the time to make a proper dinner. 186 more words


Gobble Till You Wobble (X2)

(Insert Apology- I accidentally hit post yesterday before I finished the blog.  If you receive this blog by e-mail then you got to see the inside scribbles and dibbles that come along with my writing process.  849 more words

Gobble Till You Wobble

Is that what most of you have in mind being that this Thursday is Thanksgiving Day?  The first time I saw that phrase I thought it was cute but the more I thought about it I was a little offended.  790 more words

Waste Not, Want Not

Have you ever heard your grandmother say this?  Do you think it still rings true?  What does that even mean?  As I sit and ponder the meaning of life as I often do, (Really, do you believe I sit around and ponder?  1,190 more words


Easy Meal Preparation

Do you run out of time to make a decent family meal at the end of the day?  Too many school and social activities can get in your way?  365 more words

Healthy People

Ground Meat Skillet-Go-Round

Here’s an efficient series of meals for one person. It relies heavily on canned foods because they are very quick and easy to use. If you use fresh or frozen instead it may need to cook longer, and you might want to add a little salt. 219 more words

Saving On Food