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my lifesaver


this it the one thing that helps keep me organized through college!
my a4 planner! it’s by carpe diem.
i love this planner so much bc it’s 100% customizable. 28 more words


on a wednesday

On a wednesday, if I can think it, I can crochet it, like cozy woolen squares, blue cotton roses,

and another made of mohair.

On a wednesday, if I can’t crochet it, I can sew it, like pink cotton bags & floral linen planners. 27 more words


Ramadan is on the way! + Free Ramadan Planner!

Assalamu alaikam sisters!

Hope you are all in the best of health and iman, InshaaAllah.

As we all know that the blessed month of Ramadan is just around the corner (just over a months time away!), so I decided to share a very beneficial resource with you all! 297 more words


So... I did a little shopping...


Dollar Tree



Random Store in my mall lol


So this is my planner/crafting haul. Mostly planner. What can I say I’m a stationary addict and I’m not ashamed lol.


Tips to Stay Organized: Planner Edition

Organizing things is something I’ve always liked to do, from closets to daily planners I enjoy making them look neat and ordered. I’ve gone through countless ways of organizing and finally found a system that works for me. 962 more words


How to Start Planning

Planning has made a huge impact on just about every part of my life. I feel more purposeful, more organized, and more creative. The truth is that I’ve been planning in one way or another for a lot longer than I actually realize. 480 more words


Managing Mondays-How I Planned

On Sunday, whether sipping coffee, iced tea, or wine I plan out my week. At least as much as I can. Everyone has a process. And for me personally, there are three basic steps with a lot of flair. 675 more words