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Planning Fails

I love planning. But sometimes I forget to check my plans.

For example I was supposed to blog last week, on Friday or Saturday. Yet somehow my brain refused to remind me and I remained blissfully unaware — even though the evidence was in the front of my planner in the calendar monthly pages that I’m SUPPOSED to check on the regular. 493 more words


Planner Showcase: My Snail Mail Planner

     So, the other week I introduced you to my pocket address planner, showing you a different way to use ring planners. Well, today I have another planner to introduce you too – my snail mail planner! 637 more words


Life Update #2: PGH, My Brother and the Hobo(nichi)

A couple of things happened since the last time:

Hospital Confinement. Two weeks ago, my body decided it would be cool to get a cold and a cough, which was not really good given how my immunity was down and it could get really, really bad very quickly. 762 more words


I have been trying to write this post for DAYS! I want to say so much but I want to keep it simple but nothing in my life is simple so I’m just going with it! 692 more words

Marisa David

College Degree Planners

Our goal is to help as many families as we possibly can live the life that they deserve, free of concerns about college costs, student loans, unsecured debt, credit issues, and anything having to do with debt in general, and we have helped thousands of families do just that since 2002.

Sunday nights...

I used to sit in front of the TV on a Sunday, nodding off to sleep watching what ever was on.

Then I found my planner and Sunday nights are now different. 186 more words


Avery Mini Binder and Accessories

Hello! On a beautiful fall Sunday I am putting a new system together to keep track of my work tasks. In my August 14 post… 427 more words

My Journal Collection