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Kawaii Journaling 💕

To say that I’m a fan of using planners and journals is an understatement. I’ve heavily relied on them for my daytime schedules and nighttime reflections for as long as I can remember. 534 more words


September Weekly Pages II

     Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well.

     My last weekly spread post on my September weeklies was noting to write home about. My spreads were very basic and probably boring to see so I thought I’d try be a little bit more creative with my next spreads and do something a bit more visually appealing. 190 more words


The Power of Planning

I’m sure you’ve seen those funny memes comparing the thoughts that run through the female mind to those running through the male mind.  The woman’s mind is depicted as being chaotic, inundated, full of worry & overthinking at every turn, while the man’s, well, the man’s is not (although some men would beg to differ, I’m sure!). 1,095 more words


What's in my bag: work edition

Since I’ve started working again about 2 months ago, my work bag has been the topic of many conversations. Probably because it’s yellow and when I wear it, it looks like I have a giant banana on my back. 784 more words


Birthdays and Planners

My birthday is in October, along with my uncle’s and brother’s and grandmother’s birthdays. Now, my preferred planner ships to me in October and every year about this time I start taking stock and reflecting on goals, process, outcome, and direction for the next year. 489 more words


Friday Feels

What’s happening?  It’s Friday and I’m getting ready to roll into a weekend to myself!  Yup, that’s right….just me and the dog while the boys head up to New Hampshire with the Boy Scouts for the weekend.  487 more words

My Current WIP Set-Up {A5 Uglydori Traveler's Notebook}

Hey Everyone,

Today I have a lovely crossover post for you. It involves planners and writing, two of my favourite things.

I recently took part in a planner swap and I got this absolutely gorgeous A5 Uglydori from… 342 more words