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Anatomy of Planner Peace

While I have had a long time love affair with the paper planner, it was only a few months ago that I fell into the craziness that is the online planner world.  678 more words

Kate Spade

On birds and trees, planning and police – when can developers chop down trees?

When can developers chop down trees? The short answer is anytime. Unless they disturb nesting birds, fall foul of Tree Preservation Orders or the work is extensive enough to require a licence from the Forestry Commission. 902 more words


[IPA Ex Dip Module 1] I believe that the future of brands lies in finding harmonies in the wave like properties of culture


In a society of accelerated cultural change, I see a conflict. One that sees the inner cultural values of a brand fall out of synchronous with the fast moving and amorphous pace of outer culture. 2,283 more words

Apex House Development Management Forum Wednesday 27th May

A DMF is a requirement for any major development.

The Council holds Development Management Forums to facilitate the discussion of large scale or contentious development proposals.  388 more words


Unusual Wedding Venues

You have dreamt about this day ever since you were a child. You imagined the groom, the dress, the make-up, the people and – no doubt – the venue. 742 more words


The fall and rise of strategic planning

By Morwen Johnson

Throughout the history of planning there has been a continuing morphing of ideas and practices – reflecting changing circumstances, fashions and understandings about the role of planning in a modern society. 539 more words

Planning, Development And Property

Journal 36-Financial Breakdown, Finished Business Plan!

After reading over several financial plans and being extremely confused, I emailed a bank advisor from Alternatives about the financial aspects of a business plan. She was able to touch on a few of my most concerned points, however in all I have decided not to do this section for my own sake. 260 more words