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The 5-second Rule of Presentations

Your presentation starts in just a few minutes. The audience begins trickling into the conference room. As they settle, a sub-concious process starts. Your presentation is already being judged based on what they see, your body language and their own past experiences (they have not even seen your content yet)! 433 more words


A New Vision or Another Con?

A while ago I was walking down Franklin around rush hour, and I came across a sight that’s becoming way too familiar. Looking down Vine, I saw a line of cars that extended all the way down the block. 872 more words


I use the PRO software with @HOME version in my nursery ...

The PRO software enables parents to participate with the setting on equal terms by using their own @HOME.  Marc a Practitioner with a Level 2 qualification, has been in his new nursery for about two months, told me how he uses the software and from his nurseries point of view. 229 more words


Planning Tip #8 - Preplanning

Adding onto the list or planning tips recently posted (LINK HERE to all previous); here’s an important one to include and should be done at the very beginning. 203 more words


Preparing for Baby's First Trip to Disney World!

With my daughter’s first trip to Walt Disney World rapidly approaching I find myself worrying a bit about how preparing for a trip with a baby will be quite different from planning one for just myself! 470 more words

Disney World

My Procrastination Problem While Trying to Write My Book

In June I signed with a publisher to write a book. This was something I was going to do after retiring but too many things started migrating to that ‘when I have more time’ list, so I decided to do it now while I still have my faculties. 366 more words

Time Management