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The road to hell may

Be paved with matching funds if

Properly graded

To Do List

The Best-Laid Plans

My schedule has been very hectic lately, which is why I was really looking forward to Saturday.  Saturday was the first day in over a week when I actually had a big chunk of free time, and I was planning to use it to get caught up on some of the things I still needed to do for Christmas.  570 more words

Finding a Balance in Life

I have a list of a hundred goals to accomplish, but it seems every time I start pursuing one of my goals it happens at the expense of another goal. 726 more words

My Thoughts

Whisky Wind-down, 24: Snow Day

Today’s dram: Atlanta Spirit Works, Resurgens Rye

Today’s tasting notes: I first tried this at a party last year, and I’m pretty grateful to the person who brought it, both because I went to the party in need of a subject for a Whisky Wind-down post and also because it was my introduction into Atlanta Spirit Works, which has since become a favorite of mine. 355 more words

2017 Whisky Wind-down

Facing Aging and a Shorter Future

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m getting older, and sometimes I do feel it. I am now seventy years old, but I don’t feel… 1,976 more words

Personal Backgound

Don't Blow The Budget

How-do Peeps!

A few tips for you this morning to help you stay on a budget over Christmas and start the new year without any financial issues. 165 more words

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2017 Whisky Wind-down: Primer

If you follow my writing here on even a semi-regular basis, you’ll have noticed, well, “semi-regular basis” is about as good as it gets. There are, shall we say, “gaps” in my publishing schedule, assuming I have a publishing schedule, which, of course, I do not. 328 more words

2017 Whisky Wind-down