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Monday 123: Tax Season Strategies

Monday, 27 February 2017

Last year we made more than ever before; this year we will make even more.  Because of making more, we have pretty much lost all our tax write-offs, and if we lose the property tax credit and gain taxes on our health insurance – things potentially on the Republican agenda for tax reform – we are screwed even more.   416 more words

Another Monday

Monday 124: Reflections on 2016

Monday, 20 February 2017

While our finances do not look like this – geometrically increasing – our finances do reflect this curve as far as overall net worth.   559 more words

Another Monday

Inching Closer

I just finished a class on joint replacement yesterday.  Ah – something to look forward to!  Actually, I am anxious to be able to walk without limping, so I AM looking forward to having the operation behind me.   444 more words

That time of year again....

For many, today this means Valentine’s day, but in the Gallagher household, this means the lead up to Gallifrey One, the premier annual Doctor Who convention that takes place in the LAX Marriott Hotel. 270 more words


Common ingredients and their substitutions

If you cook or bake regularly like I do, you find a lot of common ingredients that you will need to substitute for gluten or dairy free ingredients. 390 more words

Gluten Free

To Buy or Not to Buy?

That age old question that every crafter has to ask themselves at one point or another (or at many points!)

Today has been a grey day, the sky heavy with snow (the powdery kind, not the fun stuff), and we’ve been stuck indoors as my son is poorly. 284 more words


Feeling Better...

I have to say, I was pretty taken aback by how awful I felt for about two days after the cigar puffing incident. If that is how I feel after a bit of cigar puffing, I don’t think I can let myself smoke at all at the conference or let myself and suffer the consequences. 616 more words