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A to Z April Challenge

   I have this problem with time management.  I wait until the last minute for just about everything I do.  Most times it’s out of laziness, like staring at the growing piles of laundry.   1,143 more words

A-Z Challenge


I am so happy that this is the last day that I’m working for the week. I have Midnight and the next three days off to work on my work. 59 more words

Intro to a New Home

Bringing your new dog home for the first time can be overwhelming. When we first got Foster we were completely unprepared. Here are some helpful tips to help you plan ahead. 458 more words


Update: 4/3-4/9

I was able to get a few posts up on the new blog, writingprocessesblog.wordpress.com. One was a quick introduction, another was a past experience where I used social media, and the most recent was an idea that I want some feedback on. 158 more words

Class Work

5 Tips for a Successful Whole30

As promised (almost a month ago! Yikes! Where has the time gone!?) here is my post about how to have a successful Whole30. I’ve been pretty open about how many times I’ve attempted and failed a Whole30 since my first successful one in 2014. 1,190 more words



I’m changing my project topic. The new one is how social media/networking affects my writing process, especially when it comes to my creative writing.

With the last one, I couldn’t really find any sources outside of blogs for different study methods. 86 more words

Class Work

a few days on

So, it’s Tuesday.  Officially day 3 of this whole journey.  So far I have learned a few things that I maybe thought I knew before, but didn’t really… 300 more words