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She said don’t get old

But I’m sure she would have missed

Me if I hadn’t



Three lines in the sand

That you are welcome to cross

Any time you want


Musings of Wannabe Herbalist

We are busy anticipating the arrival of the newest Fairweather and one of the things I have been trying to do is to stock up the freezer with prepared dinners and keep the storage shelves full of staples so that there is little thinking to be done when hungry mouths need to be fed. 984 more words

On The Land

numbers and accountability

I have a huge problem with numbers.  It’s related, of course, to my brain’s wonky wiring.  Numbers tend to make things real, and that can unconsciously drive some bad behaviors when that reality is not what I want it to be…or even when it’s too much what I want it to be. 283 more words



My little sister is getting married, again. But this time, there’s a difference. We get to plan it together!!!

The first time my sister got married, she was younger and her mother-in-law helped her out a lot by planning almost all of it. 324 more words

Keeping it Simple

Hi-De-Hi Peeps!

I want to share some more budgeting tips with you to make your lives simpler:

‘Keep it simple’ and ‘plan ahead’….that’s it. We can all go home now. 523 more words

Latest Blog

Managing your time...your life?

I’m a procrastinator, but I know it.  I’m also driven, and I’ve come to terms with that, too. I have discipline…sometimes.  So it’s always a challenge for me to find balance.   569 more words