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Why now’s a great time to consider a temp job.

Seeking a new opportunity? How about one that offers flexibility, variety, and awesome growth opportunities? If this sounds great to you, you might be interested in temping for a while. 392 more words

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Bucket List 2016

Illustration by Travel Toes | Adobe Illustrator + Wacom

Signora, between Austria and Italy, there is a section of the Alps called the Semmering. It is an impossibly steep, very high part of the mountains.

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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day

Every now and then on the homestead, especially in the summer months, it seems as though our list of things to get done gets out of control. 914 more words

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School's Out for Summer?

The diplomas may have been handed out, and the cars packed up, but while many college students head home for the summer, the work doesn’t need to stop. 266 more words

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9. Things To Consider Before Traveling With Your Dog

Taking your dog on vacation always means a little extra consideration and preparation, as well as a little more luggage than traveling alone. Here’s a list of 9 things to keep in mind while planning your next adventure. 1,194 more words


5 Science-Backed Tips for Staying Healthy at a Desk Job

You’ve probably heard the phrase “sitting will kill you” if you’re at all familiar with the world of health. Grim, yes – but from medical studies to news resources and practically anywhere else that offers insights into how to manage your body, the humble desk job seems to have taken on some slightly more sordid undertones. 1,392 more words


Back to my old ways

I have not exercised for the last 2 days – coz of life.

Wait…let me rephrase that

I chose not to exercise for the last 2 days because I had other things happening. 104 more words

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