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Plan for December-Feb 2015

I’ve had some good success with my major writing project of the medium-term; of which more later, when I eventually finish and have it formally approved. 412 more words

Overstock.com Has A Bunker Full Of Gold, Silver, And Food In Case Of Financial Collapse

When the global financial system collapses, don’t fret: you’ll still be able to shop on Overstock.com. We’re not quite sure how that will happen, but the company’s early adoption of Bitcoin as a method of payment could be one clue. 238 more words

Taking It Seriously

Best Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

As y’all know, I was on a work trip to Columbus, Ohio last week and I was not prepared at all.  Yes, I loved meeting up with one of my… 1,014 more words


Nanowrimo 2015: never too early for regrets

No, I’m not quitting my shitty YA werewolf project. I’m just realising a few things about where my storytelling interests lie, and how they lie together with my writing habits. 855 more words


Eurostar Booking!

I’ve been thinking for a while I should arrange another holiday with dad, but more an abroad trip rather that this summer’s giant family roadtrip, then yesterday on Money Saving Expert I saw there were reduced Eurostar tickets, so I booked some! 94 more words


Working even harder!

One week and a day until conference. Almost panic time! Although nothing to panic about just yet, only that numbers aren’t as high as we hoped. 74 more words

The 9 To 5