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460: teeth are crackers

Sometimes I don’t think ahead. And those times, I end up eating plain cheese.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ha Ha Ha.”

1. This boy Jake was about 16 years old. More than anything he wanted a car to drive to the movies and impress his friends and girls.

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Daily Prompt

summer mirage

summer mirage
dances on my screen
sweet paradise

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Game Plan

So the uncertainty continues. I’m used to being a self-aware, forthright and organised person, so this whole business of not being in control does not sit well with me. 387 more words

Life Journey


So I look in the fridge and there is a pineapple that needs eating….mmmmmmm what to do with it! Had a search around on the Internet and came up with pineapple upside down cake! 87 more words

Getting Your Kids Out the Door

I feel like it is groundhogs day every single morning in our house. Wake up, scramble around to get lunches prepared, get snacks packed, get water for the school day, chug some coffee, make breakfast, do my daughter’s hair, chug some more coffee, tell my daughter a million times she can’t wear certain things to school, get bag packed, ask my daughter a million times to make her bed, almost burn breakfast, oh kiss my husband good morning (oops sorry honey seem to forget about you sometimes), tell my son to hold on just one more minute before I can pick him up, change diapers, stub my toe, lose my phone, trip over my dogs, yell at my daughter that we are late…..blah blah blah. 382 more words


March-ing On to Spring and a Confident and more-than-Capable You

It is the Winter that just won’t quit. If you think you’re in the process of having a winter melt down, you’re not alone.  I’ve been cold and had a cold since the day of the NYC Marathon last November and can barely remember what a hot day feels like.   530 more words