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Lazy Sundays

I always look forward to Sundays, particularly Sunday mornings when I can catch up with friends for a leisurely breakfast and a good natter, then still have most of the day ahead of me. 333 more words

Minimalist Living

6 more weeks of...

Yesterday was the day.  A day where we look for a furry, little creature to predict the future.  Sounds incredulous, right? After all, how can one predict the future when it’s challenging enough to predict what tomorrow has in store?   431 more words


Facing One of My Biggest Fears

Today I did something unexpected. I faced one of my biggest fears. James, a former care giver who is filling in because I am so shorthanded right now, had to be out of town, and Samantha, another former care giver helping me out, has been sidelined with sickness for a few weeks. 863 more words

Gratitude Day 15: Extra Energy = Cookies

So, you know how I’ve been on this Paleo thing since before Christmas? Oh, no? Well, I have. I started of with about half my diet being more focussed and have gradually removed types of food and introduced other things. 561 more words

Miriam Miles

Study Abroad: Is It Right for You?

Are you thinking about studying in the USA as an international student? Trying to decide between studying abroad or in your home country? Well, you’re in the right place! 732 more words

Culture Shock

Choosing Happy Day 9

AKA Doing it Differently

AKA I’m listening

Day 9:

9. “Save for retirement starting with your first pay-check.”

I am years past my first pay-check and simply terrible at this. 74 more words



Read Isaiah 39

Focus on verse 8

We live in an age of instant results and immediate gratification. Nearly anything we want to know can be found in a matter of seconds on a smart phone. 495 more words

Daily Devotional