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And It Breaks My Heart (Fidelity)

I’m so sad to say I’m putting this blog on indefinite hiatus. My life has changed in a way I couldn’t anticipate, and I no longer have the financial luxury of focusing on this kind of intensive project, as much as I still want to do it. 58 more words

Planning For The Future

Really proud of myself for starting my retirement plan today!

Random Thoughts

...And He Blessed Me With These Beautiful Words🙏


So today, I was about to open my mail when a mail from my pastor dropped at the same time I opened my gmail. This made me decide to open it first; I and these were the beautiful words my ever concerned pastor, Pst Paul Idowu sent to me… 607 more words

Athletes take steps to their future

By Logan McDaniel, News Writer

Players are being recruited for different sports at all times. Some players focus on behavior, thinking that’s what recruiters look at. 156 more words


Where there's a will, there's a ... will

Over coffee with one of my girlfriends recently, we were talking about the seemingly unsurmountable pile of things to do in our lives and how there never seems to be enough time to do it. 1,534 more words

Upcoming freshmen and graduating seniors are impacted through high school

By Jasmine Tillman, Features Writer

Middle school has ended, and it’s time to grow up. The upcoming freshmen have become young adults and have matured, while seniors are leaving and moving out into the real world. 453 more words


School or work: Which one matters?

By Rodney Chavis, Features Writer

Will working have a low or high impact on a student’s performance in school? Maybe having a job will benefit them greatly. 178 more words