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Took Care of My Mother-in-Law Until She’d Died, and Now, I’m Living Alone, Peacefully, as an Elderly Person

Caring for a loved one as she got older became a preparation of one’s own old age here, translated…

The year was 1949, I’d followed the service team that my husband belonged to to Taiwan, back then, my in-laws didn’t want to leave their homes behind, but they were convinced and persuaded by their wonderful son, fearing, that if the two of them elders stayed behind, they will be pressured by the Communists, and so, they’d come along with us too. 459 more words


The Beginning of the Pursuit of Dreams, from the Workforce


As my eldest graduated college last year, because he was overweight, he’d skipped his draft calls, and went straight into the workforce.  He’d sent in over ten résumés, but, only one company called him for an interview, but unfortunately, he didn’t get the job.  1,046 more words


The Beginning

I have a dream. I want to be able to work from home, or very part-time at a facility, as a dietitian. I want to have time to grow all my own food, create my Christmas gifts, and ride my horses. 312 more words

The Bottom Half of the Cougars’ Lives, on Life After Work

On entering into the bottom half of one’s life, planning out the retirement, translated…

On the weekend afternoon, I’d gone to meet up with my old classmates, they were standing by the gates, off in the distance, if I didn’t know that it was them, I’d think they were a group of female students. 459 more words


When You'd Lost the Passions for What You Do

This, is all about what DRIVES a person here!!!

When you’d lost the passions for what you do, because you’d worked in your jobs, for god knows how long, and, maybe, at the very start of your careers, you’d come in (to the workforce), with FULL zest, FULL energy, but, day, after day, AFTER day, AFTER day, it’s the same old grind, and eventually, what you loved doing, got turned, into a TOTAL drag, but by now, you’d become, so totally settled into your jobs, that, you just don’t feel like, and can find the motivations, for change, what, do you do? 226 more words


How are inmates affecting schools and society?

By Troy Brown, Features Writer

What are inmates, and how do they affect society? What are the causes of being an inmate? What can students do to not get themselves in trouble? 233 more words


Players continuing their football careers into college

By Tiski Gray, Sports Writer

Players are continuing their journeys of being athletes by signing to colleges on Feb. 4. They have the talents and grades to achieve this goal. 145 more words