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5 Reasons succession plans fail

So, your estate plan is in place and you have selected who will be the successor of your family business. Everything is in order, right? You’re succession plan is certain to be successful! 40 more words

Planning For The Future

Podcast: Passing down the family business

The greatest challenge for a family business is planning for the future. Often the business is handed down to the younger, less experienced members of the family, as the business is getting more complicated. 21 more words

Planning For The Future

More at stake than money

‘Family businesses are dysfunctional.’ ‘Non-managing owners are only in it for the money.’ ‘Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.’ For an owner contemplating business succession planning, the conventional wisdom sounds grim! 555 more words

Engaged Ownership

National Healthcare Decisions Day

by Kathryn Larlee, J.D., Hotline Attorney

“There are only two things in life that are certain; death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin 1789.

By a strange coincidence, National Healthcare Decisions Day fell on April 16th, right before tax day, today, April 18th. 369 more words


Preserving the Planet with the “Planeteers”

By Nahla Muldrow, News Writer

Did you know that we have a recycling club? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do. As a part of a district-wide recycling project, Keenan has created an environmentalist club called The Planeteers. 311 more words


Juniors conquer the ACT WorkKeys test

By Kyandra Simmons, News Writer

According to Mrs. Latayna Williams, assistant administrator, the ACT WorkKeys is a job skills assessment that helps employers select, train, hire, develop and retain a high performance workforce. 279 more words


Steps To Take When Becoming A Caregiver

by Christine Steinmetz, J.D., Hotline Attorney

This post is the second in our series on caregivers. In our previous post, we provided questions to help you determine whether you are a caregiver. 570 more words