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My Vision for This Blog

Since I have recently decided to revamp this blog, I thought I would tell you about my plans and goals.

This is officially a homestead blog, so I will talk about gardening, decorating, homeschooling, and other related topics. 174 more words


Incapacity Planning

Nobody wants incapacity, not for yourself and not for your loved ones. But planning for that possibility can avoid complications and increase options. The article discusses the elements of incapacity planning and the need for flexibility to do Medicaid planning. 26 more words

Ready, Set, NaNo

November is peak season for writers; when NaNoWriMo rolls around we’re all ready to power through novels that we’ve pushed back and back and back  1,046 more words



Whilst normally I enjoy packing for a holiday I found packing for this trip rather difficult.  Over the years I’ve become accustomed to packing light but I’ve never had to cover so many temperatures and terrains in one trip before! 123 more words


the bullet journal tag

hello everyone! Elly here, I have decided to do the ‘Bullet Journal Tag’ by Caitlin’s Corner, so let’s get started!

how long have you been bullet journaling?

710 more words
Random Interests

Friday Five - Five things to remember when booking your trip

It’s Friday again which means we’re another week closer to our next trip – yay!  This week I thought I’d talk about five things you need to keep in mind when booking a trip to Florida.  1,373 more words


Provision for a future light rail route in Molonglo welcomed by the PTCBR


The Public Transport Association of Canberra (PTCBR) are pleased that provision for a future light rail route has been included in the plans for two of the Molonglo Valley’s key arterial roads. 341 more words