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Not happen according to plan?

You may the controller of your thoughts your action and everything you do .But you may not have control over the situation you may be stuck in ,these thing are offen frustrating and annoying. 352 more words

Planning early...really early

Do you plan your vacations in advance? I mean way in advance? Like two years or more? We do. And for a couple of reasons we recommend that others do too. 542 more words


Wants vs. Needs

By Jenny Jiménez on January 21, 2019

Happy MLKJ Monday!  If you were off work today then all I have to say is… I’m jealous. ha!  896 more words

ON LIBRARIES: Another New Administrator Arrives

The statistics aren’t encouraging – the average principal stays less than five years. The average superintendent lasts about six years, half that for urban districts. The constant change in administration causes regular stress for those working in schools and most people don’t recognize the effects of these revolving doors. 893 more words

On Libraries

Reflect to Reset

Looking back to get the best view forwards

There are some people who will have gone all guns-blazing into the New Year with a whole set of resolutions, that by now have probably started falling off the wagon…. 1,797 more words

Arctic Blast 2019: Followers

According to the statistics on WordPress, my blog has thirty-nine followers.

Whether you’ve been here before or just joined the party…if you are one of those thirty-nine: THANK YOU! 676 more words

Random Thoughts

Journal: 21 January 2019

What did make me feel proud of myself today?

  • I pushed my boss to hold a brief meeting to organize our team’s week. She’s usually reticent to organize our work as a group previously.
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