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A little bit of mooning

There are several interesting challenges with living in the ME. Some stuff are really interesting and some thing I would describe with a whole other set of adjectives. 250 more words


Introverts Guide to Solo Travel

Travel is not for everyone. Solo travel is definitely not for everyone. However, if you are shy, awkward and have trouble making friends, taking a trip by yourself could be the best thing you ever do! 668 more words

Texture Test - Substance Painter and photoshop

We decided to try a mix of methods for texturing our models, mainly photoshop and Substance painter. I textured a brick wall in both, to get a feel of our style. 58 more words

Animatic 3 & Updated Mood Video

Based on further feedback we made additional changes to our story, Rather than the child be a random kid from the street, he would be a family member assigned to help the Knocker Upper as an apprentice. 76 more words

Mood Video

To help portray the narrative of our short Rachel created a mood video. It conveyed a mix of our narrative arc and shots we wanted to use. 9 more words

Music Planning & Sound Department Meeting

As our project developed we still wanted to have a strong foley sound component in our short, but we also began to look at the actual score for our piece. 219 more words