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Contact with the band/ artist

Dear sir/madam

My name is Harry Donald, I am currently studying A2 media studies at sixth form and have been given the task to create a music video.I am writing to request the usage of Jose Gonzalez’s song ‘Stay Alive’ in my self created music video.I chose to use this song as I believe it is well composed and allows an intriguing narrative. 52 more words



With my creation of a music video I have to insure that all relating products (digipack and poster) convey the same tone as the music video visually. 499 more words


How Investing Is Like Math

Albert Einstein had a comment on mathematics a hundred or so years ago. It applies to investing too.

So far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain.

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Don Shaughnessy

It’s incredibly hard to steer your life. Most of the time, there’s just too much uncertainty. Being the captain, however, means making tough decisions that will not only benefit you, but your crew as well. 97 more words


Wedding planning 101

For those of you that have gone through this ordeal knows how much work, effort and stress you actually go through. I, for one thought that this would just be a breeze, easy and everything will just fall into place. 506 more words

Tips For You

10/23/16 Still Waning

We started at 5:30 yesterday morning. After many verifications and communications with Facilities Management, closing a switch or two in one place, and opening three separate switches in others, we took the power out on eleven dormitories at Ole Miss yesterday. 1,398 more words