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Genre Treatment

As part of my planning documents I created a treatment for a more in depth analysis of my planning and methods of creating my posters. The treatments gives a summary of my ideas, target audience, research, equipment needed and production schedule with research data as evidence for an insight into my initial ideas and how I have gone about to complete my project. 51 more words


Scheduling: A Love/Hate Relationship

Scheduling. Ah, scheduling. A lot of people pay other people to do it for them. Personally, I kind of like scheduling. A lot of both my side business and fun activities involve setting up meetings, group-ups, and generally rangling cats into a herd. 969 more words


10 Helpful Tips For Studying As A Distance Learner

Hello everyone and welcome back to Blogtober day 17. Back in 2016 I started my BSc (Honours) in Health Sciences. University is something I’ve always planned on working towards but because of my health conditions campus university just wasn’t an option. 790 more words

Blogtober 2018

Building Community

I have to admit, I love communities. I’m an introvert though by nature, so often i love my communities at a bit of a distance while finding my own ways to support them. 391 more words

7 Steps to having a productive morning (without your phone)

We all know how hard it can be to wake up in the morning and while it’s super easy to roll over in bed and grab your phone that is most likely extremely close by…. 455 more words


Decoding Financial Aid

As you begin the process of applying to college, you will notice that college and university financial offices tend to have a vocabulary all their own.  559 more words


Poster ideas:The purge election year

Idea 1

For this idea i thought i would experiment a bit with double exposure. For this idea i sketched out a photo of someone holding a knife and fading into the knife blade is a person wearing the LED mask from the movie. 526 more words

Term 1