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To idiom, or not to idiom?

The other day I shared an interesting article from The Telegraph on LinkedIn about the fact that native English speakers were less likely to be understood on the… 299 more words

Today in My Side Yard Garden 12.03.17 to 12.16.17

 My side yard has survived its first freeze of the winter season. I picked all the Meyer lemons; they really were ready to come off the tree and I didn’t want to risk loosing them to a freeze. 327 more words

Cold Weather

FAQ's - Proposal, Dates, and More!

Hey there!

Josh and I gotten a few questions from friends and family surrounding the engagement and possible dates. We wanted to update you all on what’s up and our future plans. 582 more words

Plan - but be ready to make a new plan.

Some days things just don’t work to plan. No matter how carefully you schedule.

You can’t plan for emergencies.

You can’t plan for illness, or for kids being super tricky and it taking ten times longer than usual to get out the door. 76 more words

Befriending or battling?

Noticing how we are in relationship with whatever is arising in our current experience is an important part of our insight meditation practice. The most fertile time to do this gentle inner investigation is right after meditating when we have actively cultivated clarity and compassion. 999 more words


Mengadaptasi Suasana Outdoor dalam Venue Indoor

Tak jarang impian itu melintas. Sebuah mimpi tentang pernikahan di tengah taman luas, di antara hijau dedaunan dan rindang pepohonan. Namun impian sang calon ratu sehari itu pun pupus ketika bayangan minimnya kawasan hijau di Jakarta hadir di depan mata. 101 more words


Basics of Estate Planning: Portability vs. Credit Shelter Trust

Portability can work well in some situations. But, there are many reasons setting up a credit shelter trust instead might be better in some situations. This article examines several reasons a credit shelter trust may result in a better outcome for the client. 33 more words