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Props List:

This here is my list of props that I am going to use within my music video. This post is going to be a helpful source as I can also refer back to this when making my music video to double check that I have all of the props that I had originally listed etc. 155 more words


The One Tab Wonder-Being More Productive

It’s so hard NOT to be distracted.

Let’s get real you guys. You to go start typing your blog post and you think,

“Hmm I need to look up an article or something” (automatically opens a bunch of tabs and spends hours searching the internet for everything… 388 more words


Cricket Status Explained

So I’ve been a bit on the quiet side as far as blogging. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with so many things and have been meaning to blog but my days end up taking another turn. 130 more words


planning a printer

In preparation for working with building the 3-D printer (using this tutorial) we were able to find most of the materials for purchase via Amazon and the rest seem to be available at a home improvement store (ie. 125 more words

Technology Learning Studio

Contact With Artist:

This post shows the contact that I had with my chosen artist, EDEN. I emailed EDEN’s agency in order to request for permission for the use of his song ‘Gravity.’ This post provides evidence that I have made contact with the artist and is something I can refer back to if I ever get questioned on it later on in the production.


Location Mise-En-Scene:

Location Mise-En-Scene from ellagreyx

Here, I explain my choice of setting for my music video and elaborate on details about the location and why I chose this particular place. 43 more words


What are some uncommon habits that contribute to success?

Some might be unusual, and others might need a bit of preparation and thought. Either way, all 5 of these habits have one thing in common: they can help you train your brain to focus on what’s most important to YOU. 1,171 more words