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Busy, Busy Weekend: Weddings & Plans for the Future

I really need to work on these titles, my clickbait game is weak. This post is just me talking about my weekend, most of my Monday posts will be summing up my weekend if anything worth noting has happened. 596 more words

General Life Posts

Catch Up with Coco

I was taking a look back through some of our posts over the last few weeks and I realised it’s been a while since I wrote about Coco. 1,076 more words


Build Big Dreams. Then, Dream Even Bigger.

Being a military girlfriend can feel limiting.

You’re too young, you’re giving up your freedom, you don’t know what you’re getting into, be prepared for unpredictability with no roots. 384 more words


Episode 1: Hello + Plans Moving Forward

Whoops, it’s been a hot minute since my last post, which was also my very first post on this blog. I know…not a great start. I probably should’ve opted for a more introductory pilot post, but I guess I just really needed to get all of my thoughts out that day. 248 more words

Weekly Intentions | February

Hello, friends!

Happy Monday! I apologize for my hiatus from the blog over the past two weeks! It has been a very busy couple days trying to get my life together, but I’m back on schedule now! 1,111 more words


On Our Way Home

– I’m so happy that you’re driving! I’m so tired! All day on these high heels…

– But you are so beautiful!

– Oh, thank you! 721 more words


Ideas for a business plan

Are you still unsure wether your business idea will be successful or not? Here are some tips and recommendations for you in order to decide which idea suits you the best. 270 more words