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How to Go From Goals to Steps

This is the second in a series about taking control of you life and making your own path. If you haven’t began yet, check out the first post about… 1,242 more words

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MadLady's Bricks on a Path Bucket List

How many friends do you know that can identify set goals without too much thinking? I don’t think I know any off of the top of my head. 667 more words

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What are my Plans for the Future?

I get asked a lot what I want to do with my life since I’ve graduated High School. The truth is, it’s a long answer. The short is I’m not 100% positive. 574 more words


Plan for the Future: Girls Who Code

Spending my summer at Facebook HQ for the GWC Summer Immersion Program is an experience I will never forget. Going on field trips with the IT Academy, I always admired the workspaces of tech companies like Twitter, AT&T, or IBM. 532 more words

Plans For The Future

Creation Theory

What Gets Your Heart Racing?

A long time ago, back in my freshman year of college, I was in a class called Freshman Seminar. My professor gave us an assignment requiring a detailed plan for our futures. 779 more words


Jonathan's Plan

Jonathan and I have discussed at length the situation that we’ve found ourselves in. We’ve discussed budgets, job opportunities, and all the things that will be affected by his being finished working by February 1st. 187 more words