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Tentative Plans by Penny Chavers

When you make a tentative decision, that means you are just unsure.  How many tentative decisions do we make on a daily basis?  We go about our lives day in and day out making plans for shopping, for appointments, for events, etc. 249 more words


ED Goals?

The ultimate goal in recovering from an eating disorder is to of course not be afraid of food anymore and to live a normal life. For me that’s not the goal, because it’s very hard to reach so I set simpler ones. 284 more words

Accelerations, not Setbacks

I trimmed my hair this week. It had gotten so long since its last trim that the ends had become horridly thin and rat-tailed and weird looking. 776 more words


To have or not to have plans for Thanksgiving

I am not going home for Thanksgiving this year. Between the price of the flight and other trips, it is simply not feasible.

Today, my colleague made it known to another colleague that I did not have plans for Thanksgiving and that he should invite me to join him and his wife in their plans. 278 more words


Well, I tried writing those fictional letters for about 9 weeks. I must admit I’m a bit burnt out. On the bright side looking back, I think I haven’t lost my touch in creative writing. 128 more words


Time For A Plan

I’ve been doing some serious thinking about my own workouts. I want to run to maintain my stamina for my upcoming races but I also recognized that I needed to start lifting weights again to regain muscle that I have lost due to a lot of running. 560 more words


Get this party started ...

FALL. BREAK. I know I said this yesterday, but I am so excited! We have a lot of fun planned over the next 10 days. It’s going to be like a really LONG Thanksgiving extravaganza! 33 more words

Life's Little Lessons