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I'm getting healthy

Something a bit different from me today – instead of an easy recipe I’m going to share my thoughts. My health is something that’s been on my mind for a while now but I don’t think I can bury my head in the sand any more, I need to make some changes for the mine and the family’s sake. 919 more words


Structural Engineering Professional Interview

Please tell us about yourself

Great things happen when you follow your curiosity, and Pranav Pradeep Kumar, who turns 23 in March, can vouch for it. 504 more words


March 22, 2018

I spent all day grocery shopping. I went to two different stores and even then, I stopped off at a convenience store for something that wasn’t in either grocery store. 175 more words


Shopping Update

Ahoy and my apologies for the prolonged blog silence. I’m working on correcting that as I’m able. Unfortunately for my writing, artwork, and this blog, my day job is beginning to get busy with the overtime. 108 more words

Different Pieces, Same Puzzle

There are many pieces to a puzzle that make up a beautiful picture. There are two main pieces to puzzles: the edges, which frame the bigger picture, and the inner pieces that are a collection of tiny details that eventually all fit together. 128 more words


These Days Plan

My plan for this song is to record it again now that i have written the second verse. This time however I’m going to record it to a click track so I can add other instruments and develop it further.


Legacy Plan

At the moment legacy is ready to record but I’ve decided to add a finger picking part to the verse but its going to take me so practise as I’ve never really done finger picking before so it will take me some practise. 65 more words