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Dear Dotti’s Coffee Lounge

Thank you for helping restore a bit of excellence into my not-so-excellent day.

Thank you for the AMAZING bagel, reminding me that it’s often the simple pleasures in life that balance out the crap. 76 more words

Plant your garden, grow your family, and pray.

I have long practiced the gardening technique of dense planting not only because I like the way it looks but also because I don’t want to spend my time weeding.   468 more words

4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2015 with your Kids

Why should I care about future generations? What have they ever done for me?

— Groucho Marx

The quote by Groucho Marx maybe the sentiment of many people concerning…

590 more words


This beautiful painting by John William Waterhouse titled “Dolce Niente” (sweet nothing) truly expresses the contentment to be found in stillness.

Often I mention the ability to be still long enough to truly understand what’s going on in the world of form all around us, so we must be quiet long enough for the stillness to speak to us. 605 more words



We all talk about the change we want to see and how if we don’t wake up from our delusional day dreaming of a better world we will soon find ourselves in a world we do not recognize or want to live in. 501 more words

Life's Journey

Home Improvement: A Key To Living A Better Life

Your house is a direct reflection of who you are. If you do not like where you live, it will make you unhappy in your life. 427 more words


Tips on starting your garden!

In our previous two blogs, we reviewed some of the reasons why people have gardens as well as how to select a prime location for planting. 278 more words

Flower Garden