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Tools for Life

There’s no denying that sometimes life deals us challenging cards. Sometimes, no matter how much we try to keep going and pushing on it can feel that things are beginning to stack up against us, leaving us feeling overwhelmed. 2,546 more words

Soulful Living

5 Goals for a Plant Based 2018

One of my goals for next year is to eat a mostly plant based diet. For both health and animal welfare reasons I have become more conscious of what I eat but going all in vegan is too much for me. 714 more words

Cruelty Free

the Real Food Factor

Stepping out of the trap of what others expect.

This is going to be a personal experience blog post – one that I believe in for the sake of transparency and authenticity. 597 more words

Self Care

Last Chance to Fuel

So dinner.
This is turning into a “what I eat in a day” which is pretty cool 😎.

So my test results are in – everything is balanced and healthy so I can continue on with my life. 306 more words

Energy Boost PUH-LEASE

Wow, what a night.

My poor little ChuChu (nickname) is not herself lately and kept waking up every 10 minutes!!! We’re thinking teeth, but who the hell knows. 348 more words

So I started a blog I guess :)

Hi and yo! To whoever is reading.

I have decided to start this blog due to switching to a plant-base “diet” . I hate the word… 467 more words

How to Get Protein Being Plant-Based

Often the concern for people who think about transitioning to more plant-based eating is where am I going to get protein, calcium, calories, etc. These are COMPLETELY VALID concerns, because we learn as kids, teens, and adults that we have to have these things to look and feel our very best. 573 more words

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