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Have you ever gone through times when you eat the same meal again and again because you just don’t want anything else?  Lately all I want for lunch and dinner is kale salad.   126 more words

Plant Based Living


So here goes!  My first official strivingforwhole blog post.  I’m going to focus on my latest adventure, becoming vegan.  Yes, I said it.  Becoming vegan.  Not “ 338 more words

Plant Based Living


Anyone following me on Twitter and/or Facebook will know that I arrived in the US safe and sound yesterday. I’ve decided that, whilst I’m actually travelling, I’m just going to post highlights of my day. 220 more words


Welcome to Plant-Based Changes!

Welcome to Plant-Based Changes!  I started this blog as a bit of a spinoff from my first blog which focuses on books and food, but primarily books and my love of reading. 74 more words


Day 1 of Plant Based Living...

So, yesterday, I embarked on a 22 day journey of plant based eating/living.  I did a ton of research on how I would sustain my body and try to put it back on track to good health.  797 more words

How I Made the Switch

What I love about being an educator is my ability not only to teach students important academic content, but to help shape their lives.  I am thankful that my work habits trickle into my personal life, allowing me to reach those outside of the classroom, too.  831 more words


Vegfest Brighton 2015

Brighton is one of my favourite places that I’ve ever visited. Known for being a lively, gay-friendly beach resort on the south coast of England, it’s also like the mothership for vegetarians and vegans. 678 more words