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Vegan Skiing

There are 2 reasons I am not a food blogger:

  1. I don’t have a camera phone, so if I wanted to take a photo of my food I’d have to pull out my full size SLR camera.
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vegan chocolate chip cookies


As promised on my instagram this week here is my vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe



Top 12 things to do in the New Year to get you healthier and fitter that don't include depravation or hours in the gym.

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor I get excited for January. Every year I see new faces and meet great new people excited about taking their health into their own hands. 4,294 more words

Life As A Woman

💜 Favorite vegan "packet" foods🍿

Hi there again!! This week thought I would fill you in on some favorite vegan “packet” foods I have been loving over the last few weeks!! 573 more words



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Most towns and cities have at least one feature that they label a ‘tourist attraction’ and milk it for all it’s worth. 687 more words


The Almond Milk Dilemma

Lately, there’s been a fairly divisive discourse surrounding the subject of almond milk. The various arguments against it are that (A) it takes an exorbitant amount of water to produce the standard carton sold in most grocery stores, B) the almond to water ratio in many products ends up causing consumers to drink mainly water, sugar, and binding agents used in animal products, C) almonds aren’t a very sustainable or easily grown nut crop, and C) it therefore is not a very vegan or environmentally-friendly product given the strain it puts on the already burdened international water table. 690 more words

Paths To Bliss

Surviving as a Plant Eater on the Alaska Marine Highway

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On my journey from San Francisco to Seattle, I had pretty much stuffed my face with amazing vegan food. 251 more words