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Don't Tell Me

to each his own
but tell me you’re
a yoga teacher
that eats the
flesh of
a bone



Good Evening Thrivers <3

So lately every time I visit a local health foods store I always see the ever present KOMBUCHA! My local Whole Foods Market even has an entire refrigerated section designated for nothing but endless diverse brands of kombucha. 366 more words

Plant Based Living

How To Eat Healthier Right Now

Eating healthier or making changes to your lifestyle may seem like an extremely daunting task. However it is more than possible to be healthier, happier, and be in better shape by simply following a few guidelines. 415 more words

Plant Based Living

Whose Sacrifice

It makes me

sick to my stomach

It makes me cry

that animal’s life

is due such



Stripey Smoothie Bowl

I love spending time on making breakfast, it’s by far my favorite meal of the day; however there are mornings where you just don’t have time to flounce around the kitchen like a Michelin star chef using every spoon, pot and pan available. 338 more words

Raw Till 4

What is Raw Till 4? 

The Raw Till 4 lifestyle involves eating completely raw and uncooked food until around 4pm or dinner. Naturally this lifestyle is devoid of all processed foods and is essentially vegan. 333 more words

Plant Based Living

Officially a Mom to a Teen

Trysten Zachary turned 13 almost a month ago ( I have this newly acquired belief that as my kids get older the days go quicker-no idea how it’s been a month already). 1,062 more words