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Plant-based eating, privilege and gratitude

I am fortunate to have the privilege and mental space that allows me to seriously consider the way in which I eat. I’ve spent a lot of time pondering various ethical considerations that are relevant to food production and consumption. 619 more words

The Secret Reason We Eat Meat - Dr. Melanie Joy

If you were required to make your own meat do you continue to eat meat? You have to admit in a convenience society your choices can be farther from their actual representation. 10 more words


An Interview With Lois, Lone Wolves Creative

This week I chatted to Lois Gaskin-Barber, one half of Lone Wolves Creative. A fellow plant-based foodie, artist and traveller, Lois lives a life full of compassion, love and positivity. 1,345 more words

How To Go Vegan - PT 1

So you watched some documentaries or maybe just came across some vegan accounts on Instagram and now you’re thinking about making the switch to veganism.. but how?! 412 more words

Plant-Based Living

Overnight Chia Oats Recipe

So since oats are definitely a staple in my diet and I have eaten them at least once a day for like the past 3 years.. 194 more words

Plant-Based Living


Since I get a lot of questions about my “diet” and which (vegan) diet is the best and what I eat.. I thought I’d just write you a post about it. 370 more words

Plant-Based Living