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Three Super Easy Kid Approved Nut-Free DIY Milks

Healthier alternatives to milk are a huge deal right now. You can find several non-dairy alternatives to milk at any given grocery store! It’s a wonderful thing! 895 more words


Vegan Grocery List Essentials

Shopping for groceries can be a challenge, from wanting all the goodies on the shelves to not really knowing exactly what you want to eat for a week. 490 more words


My Happy Vegan Life

The response I am so often confronted with when I tell someone I’m vegan is “Oh wow! That’s amazing. I’d love to go vegan or vegetarian but I could never give up meat.” My very candid reply is always, “I thought the same thing but now that I’ve done it, I can’t imagine my life any other way.” 599 more words


Weekly Leeks Jan 30 - Feb 12 Edition

As part of our Weekly Leeks series, we’ll be sharing helpful resources, interesting articles, and other insightful materials to help encourage and support the journey towards becoming more environmentally conscious and ethically responsible citizens. 310 more words


My Transformation

So.. it’s transformation tuesday! I haven’t always been this passionate about living the lifestyle I do now. My lifestyle used to be quite the opposite of what it is now actually. 230 more words

Plant-based Vegan

How to make the perfect smoothie

Since lots of people always ask me how I make my smoothie bowls.. I thought it was about time I share my tips & tricks on how to make a perfect, nutritionally balanced smoothie (bowl)! 310 more words

Plant-based Vegan

Why Vegan / Plant-Based?

So first, I’ll explain what exactly veganism is. Someone who is vegan does not eat or use any animal products. So no meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and other diary products. 320 more words

Plant-based Vegan