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Stromanthe got big — to divide or repot?

Possibly one of my favourite houseplants is my Stromanthe sanguinea triostar — I’ve had this beauty for a few years + after a couple of re-pots it has grown to a pretty considerable size! 1,004 more words


Aloe Vera; Part 2

One thing I realised today, is that in my original Aloe Vera post, I never explained how to water them. Which, in my personal opinion, is one of the main reasons why anyone can take care of an Aloe. 330 more words

Plants (Mostly Houseplants)

My Mysterious Plant

Today I remembered that I had a succulent growing in my kitchen. I took a cutting of it from a friend of mine, and stuck it in water to see what will happen. 108 more words

Plants (Mostly Houseplants)

Paradise and Growth

I broke down last week and bought a ‘California requirement’. Or at least it seems to be a requirement when living in California. But first a quick backstory. 1,322 more words


Weekend repotting

A bit of plant care and repotting always calms me down and lifts my mood.

I made this Kalanchoe planter as a present for my friend to put on her sunny windowsill – they will thrive here + are just coming into bloom. 186 more words


Peace Lilies

One of my favourite plants, that isn’t a succulent, are Peace Lilies. They don’t need that much water, and they are easy to care for. In this post, I will cover all the tips and favs about Peace Lilies, and I promise I won’t write a whole rant about each fact. 570 more words