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Plant Disease: Fungus for your Thoughts

Brian Aldiss’s novel Hothouse takes place in a world that’s stopped spinning, with one side of planet Earth forever facing the Sun, and in which the existing life forms have either been wiped out by the world’s climate extremes or have adapted in monstrous ways to compete for survival. 561 more words


Experiencing the World Through Plant Diseases

The more we know about the world, the better off we are to coexist in it.

Four years ago, I visited Hanamiyama Park — located a few minutes’ drive across the river from downtown Fukushima City in the northern region of the main island of Japan — a privately owned property that has become a popular local tourist spot for cherry blossom viewing. 850 more words


Why to use a Moisture Meter

by Shari

Are my plants getting watered enough?  How often should plants be watered? When should I water my trees and plants?  Are my plants too wet or too dry? 230 more words

Tree Care

Identify pests before applying pesticides

by Amanda Tedrow, University of Georgia

Pesticides, which include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and more, can contain organic or conventional ingredients. People use them in homes and workplaces, on farms and in gardens, and in other places where they want to control pests like weeds, insects, fungi, rodents and plant viruses. 314 more words


WEBINAR: Managing Rose Rosette Disease in the Landscape

Rose Rosette Disease (RRD) has been making an unwelcome appearance in landscapes across the United States. A virus carried by an eriophyid mite, this disease can affect all cultivated roses, including shrubs, hybrid teas, floribunda, grandifloras, and miniatures. 139 more words


Update: New Pest & Disease Records (7 Feb 18)

We’ve selected a few of the latest new geographic, host and species records for plant pests and diseases from CAB Abstracts. Records this fortnight include the first report of grapevine yellow speckle viroids in Nigeria, the first report of tomato ringspot virus ( 388 more words