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What Now??? Rozanne Succumbs to Mosaic Virus

A couple of weeks ago while mowing my lawn, I noticed yellow splotches on the leaves of one of my robust Rozanne cranesbills.  “Looks like some kind of mosaic virus,” I thought to myself. 441 more words

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Yellow Dragon Disease: An Increasing Threat to Global Citrus Production

Yellow dragon disease, also known as citrus greening disease is one of the greatest bacterial threats to citrus trees on a global scale, affecting crop production across Africa, Asia and North America. 343 more words


Enhancing property within the Rain forest: Seeds and around the Bend

The Amazon timberland is below threat from mining and clear cutting. Clear cutting is once the timberland is totally stripped and therefore the land is re-used for farming or farming. 1,032 more words

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Common Orchidaceous Plant Diseases

There are many sorts of orchidaceous plant diseases, however this list was place along to focus on a number of the a lot of common styles of orchidaceous plant diseases and the way to spot, treat, and ultimately forestall. 1,919 more words

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Friday Fellow: Pear Rust

by Piter Kehoma Boll

Beautiful and deadly, today’s fellow appears during spring as gelatinous orange projections coming out of juniper trees in Europe and North America. 398 more words

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Plant Disease: Fungus for your Thoughts

Brian Aldiss’s novel Hothouse takes place in a world that’s stopped spinning, with one side of planet Earth forever facing the Sun, and in which the existing life forms have either been wiped out by the world’s climate extremes or have adapted in monstrous ways to compete for survival. 561 more words


Experiencing the World Through Plant Diseases

The more we know about the world, the better off we are to coexist in it.

Four years ago, I visited Hanamiyama Park — located a few minutes’ drive across the river from downtown Fukushima City in the northern region of the main island of Japan — a privately owned property that has become a popular local tourist spot for cherry blossom viewing. 850 more words