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Eco-Print Workshop

Just wanted to tell you about the Eco-print workshop I am running at Cleethorpes in November.  I can deliver this to groups in other areas, it would make a lovely Hen Party activity.   158 more words



The herbal studies are sweeping me off my feet , the beauty of nature and her food and medicinal care, but when one of my girls asked questions about plant dyes I added my dye books to the stack of books on my desk to see if and how we could work with it. 112 more words


Natural Color: For The Daring DIYer

Coming from a complete beginner’s standpoint, one thing that gives me hope is reading that “extracting dye colors can be easy as brewing tea.” That’s something I can definitely do, so when I get extremely inspired or when I happen to have the raw materials easily obtainable, I wouldn’t mind going the plant dyeing route. 583 more words


empowering nature

what if i let nature make artworks
what if i wrap, fold, roll, embrace
and let plants leave their trace

giving nature back its power… 20 more words



Ji-ii bought some powdered Mugwort (Artemisia) from Korea. She drinks it in milk and tells me that it’s very good for the digestive system. I have to say that it tastes much better than I expected! 434 more words


onion socks: Tears of Laughter

I got a beautifully dyed skein of sock yarn from Wolop:

It’s dyed with onion peels. From red onions. Because they give green.
(White onions dye yellow. 213 more words