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Ji-ii bought some powdered Mugwort (Artemisia) from Korea. She drinks it in milk and tells me that it’s very good for the digestive system. I have to say that it tastes much better than I expected! 434 more words


onion socks: Tears of Laughter

I got a beautifully dyed skein of sock yarn from Wolop:

It’s dyed with onion peels. From red onions. Because they give green.
(White onions dye yellow. 213 more words


Natural Dye Printed Fabric

This is the fabric I made for my one Year, one Outfit project.  Well, I didn’t make it as in weave it, it was manufactured in Texas (from US grown organic cotton, as per my pledge for the project) and I bought it through Organic Cotton Plus online (it’s… 905 more words



Flatto81 will join DRUCK BERLIN 2015 FESTIVAL @ Berlin this weekend.

DRUCK BERLIN is a festival dedicated to screen printing and other printing techniques. There are exhibitions, workshops, printing demonstrations and outdoor market this year. 81 more words


Flatto81 at Tanabatakai 2015 in Amsterdam // Summer Constellations



As mentioned on the previous post, this post is about the “Summer Constellations” workshop we hosted during Tanabatakai 2015.

Thinking about the summer night sky where Orihime and Hikoboshi meet, children made their own constellations by connecting pieces of paper cut-outs with round stickers. 148 more words

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