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Muddling on getting pigment from indigo leafs

During the night all the calciumOH-sediment has sunk to the bottom. I poured the liquid into my second container. This should have some pigment in theory and my quest today is trying to extract it. 806 more words

Failed in getting pigment from indigo leafs

Today I tried the recipe from the book Eco-verf, page 196. It’s for extracting pigment from woad but Anja Schrik said it’s the same for indigo. 419 more words


Bookpresentation and lecture "Eco-Dyes" by Anja Schrik

Viltworkshop Odijk has an amazing studio:

The demonstration was awe-inspiring. 14 colours out of the same dye pot. Here are two dyepots, one from yellow flowers and one from cochinille. 962 more words


Eco-Print Workshop

Just wanted to tell you about the Eco-print workshop I am running at Cleethorpes in November.  I can deliver this to groups in other areas, it would make a lovely Hen Party activity.   163 more words



The herbal studies are sweeping me off my feet , the beauty of nature and her food and medicinal care, but when one of my girls asked questions about plant dyes I added my dye books to the stack of books on my desk to see if and how we could work with it. 112 more words


Natural Color: For The Daring DIYer

Coming from a complete beginner’s standpoint, one thing that gives me hope is reading that “extracting dye colors can be easy as brewing tea.” That’s something I can definitely do, so when I get extremely inspired or when I happen to have the raw materials easily obtainable, I wouldn’t mind going the plant dyeing route. 583 more words


empowering nature

what if i let nature make artworks
what if i wrap, fold, roll, embrace
and let plants leave their trace

giving nature back its power… 20 more words