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International Year of Plant Health

Over the last 60 years the UN has highlighted a range of issues for international attention, beginning with World Refugee Year in 1969/1960. Since then we have had… 783 more words


4 Tips to Succulent Dormancy

As the seasons change, we must keep a close eye on our succulents as they could be coming in or out of dormancy. One of the most common mistakes I see happening is a misunderstanding about what happens when succulents go into (or out of) dormancy. 682 more words

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2019 Central & South Texas Agronomy Review

Peter Hill, Ph.D. and Adam Owens, M.S

Every year in central and south Texas, nearly 50 PioneerĀ® sales reps work with growers to plant and harvest over 125 corn and sorghum plots.Ā  1,309 more words

Update: New Pest & Disease Records (06 September 2019)

We’ve selected a few of the latest new geographic, host and species records for plant pests and diseases from CAB Abstracts. Records this month include a report on a new root-knot nematode parasite on coffee in Vietnam, a report on a new variant of the moth… 335 more words


Anirban Guha

Trees provide shade, but have you ever considered trees themselves needing shade? Our lab is seeking to answer this question. Anirban Guha, who is leading this effort in our lab, was able to sit down with me and answer some questions about the experiment. 523 more words

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Selecting a Container for your plant

When you’re starting out, it seems like any pot/container will do for a plant. Just find something that is attractive and large enough to hold your plant. 642 more words

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Smelling plant diseases: New technology identifies plant diseases remotely in the field

Researchers at North Carolina State University have published an exciting study on a novel technology which allows farmers and extension workers to identify plant diseases remotely in the field using airborne chemical fingerprints. 824 more words