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Growing Backyard Wheat

Summer is a progression from Spring Green to hues of gold and brown. Fields of grasses like barley and wheat reach for the sun, turn gold and bow their heads to the summer heat.  1,558 more words

Full Circle Farm

Lets think about plant health

Human, the superior creature on earth has become the most selfish creature on the planet. Covid19 giving the space for the nature to live its full potential amidst of the pandemic world is facing gives the clear image how harsh we human have been. 669 more words


Climate Change Affects Tropical Plants says study

“Tropical plants closer to the equator are most at risk from climate change because it is expected to become too hot for many species to germinate in the next 50 years, UNSW researchers have found. 178 more words

A Better to Improve Plant Health than Fertilizer

Yunteng Cao, Dr. Eugene Lim, Dr. Menglong Xu, Prof. Jing-Ke Weng, and Prof. Benedetto Marelli have created a “silk-based biomaterial” that acts as a tiny needle, adorned “phytoinjector,” that is capable of delivering needed molecules to plant tissues. 388 more words


Fasih Khalid

Fasih Khalid came to CREC from Pakistan for a six-month program to work as a horticulturist focused on stress physiology. He also wanted to learn about physiological techniques and how to use different instruments. 479 more words

Plant Health

Different plants have different needs

Every plant is different and unique and requires certain things. For proper growth, what most plants need are water, nutrients, sunlight, clean air and healthy soil. 333 more words



Sustainable Landscaping Practices Save Time, Money & Resources

Have you grown weary of trying to keep up with landscape maintenance tasks? Taking a different perspective on these tasks could help you take a load off, benefitting the earth just as significantly. 308 more words

Sustainable Landscaping