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10 Tips for Preventing Most Garden Diseases

Too many gardeners struggle with garden diseases. Most gardeners will probably see damping-off or powdery mildew at some point. Unfortunately, others may face viruses and bacterial problems that are difficult to eradicate. 571 more words


Protecting Plant Health in 2020

The year 2020 is the International Year of Plant Health. How many of us were aware of this? When we think of the year 2020, we will only remember Covid-19 and its effect on human beings. 351 more words

Hope, fear and skill building

Two main messages caught my attention today: Water availablility and a significant reduction in the UK wheat harvest.

Water availability

The first, in my inbox: An invitation from John Kempf’s… 629 more words

Water Availability


As more and more plants struggle under the influence of erratic weather and changing climate patterns, with prolonged and repeating droughts, I need to understand better, learn more, and become a facilitator of soil and plant health. 613 more words

Soil Food Web

Growing Backyard Wheat

Summer is a progression from Spring Green to hues of gold and brown. Fields of grasses like barley and wheat reach for the sun, turn gold and bow their heads to the summer heat.  1,558 more words

Full Circle Farm

Lets think about plant health

Human, the superior creature on earth has become the most selfish creature on the planet. Covid19 giving the space for the nature to live its full potential amidst of the pandemic world is facing gives the clear image how harsh we human have been. 669 more words


Climate Change Affects Tropical Plants says study

“Tropical plants closer to the equator are most at risk from climate change because it is expected to become too hot for many species to germinate in the next 50 years, UNSW researchers have found. 178 more words