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A Better to Improve Plant Health than Fertilizer

Yunteng Cao, Dr. Eugene Lim, Dr. Menglong Xu, Prof. Jing-Ke Weng, and Prof. Benedetto Marelli have created a “silk-based biomaterial” that acts as a tiny needle, adorned “phytoinjector,” that is capable of delivering needed molecules to plant tissues. 388 more words


Fasih Khalid

Fasih Khalid came to CREC from Pakistan for a six-month program to work as a horticulturist focused on stress physiology. He also wanted to learn about physiological techniques and how to use different instruments. 479 more words

Plant Health

Different plants have different needs

Every plant is different and unique and requires certain things. For proper growth, what most plants need are water, nutrients, sunlight, clean air and healthy soil. 333 more words


Honorary Green Thumb

 At Thornton Nursery, we know not everyone is born with a green thumb. If you try every year to bring home pretty new green things to plant just to watch them wither away, Thornton Nursery is here to help with some quick tips on general plant health. 446 more words

Walking into Korean Natural Farming...

Common Mullein, Verbascum thaspus. Also known as Bullock’s lungwort.

I walk as much to see what is around me as to count steps or to wander for a specific purpose. 434 more words

Ledyard Walks

Mark Keeley

Mark Keeley turned a lifelong passion for plants into work that hopefully will help us better understand the way HLB affects Florida citrus trees. He worked in citrus research before starting his Master’s, but said he’s always been interested in plants and has been playing around with them for as long as he can remember. 645 more words

Plant Health

What Does Good Soil Look Like?

Healthy plants start with healthy soil, which is something we tend to forget when setting up a new garden or maintaining our existing gardens. We can hardly be blamed; it’s the beautiful plants that we are really interested in, not the boring brown dirt. 348 more words