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I adore sunflowers. I think most people do. They’re so darn cheery, and so easy to grow. When I was growing up, the only sunflowers I was really familiar with were the ones with one giant yellow flower that inevitably ended up hanging from its own weight. 488 more words


Sweet Peas (Lathyrus sp.)

DISCLAIMER: Do not eat or otherwise use any plants without doing your own research. I will not be liable if you misidentify a plant or follow misinformation I give (although if I give misinformation, please let me know!). 515 more words


Rose - a symbol of love and healer of hearts

The rose has been synonymous with love for many centuries – romantic love but also deep unconditional love and the sacred essence of divinity are embodied in its intensely beautiful perfume. 648 more words

Plant Profiles


My foxgloves are blooming and they are lovely. I have two types at the moment – Digitalis purpurea and Digiplexis. Digiplexis is a hybrid of Digitalis and a Canary Island species called Isoplexis. 931 more words



Foxglove and Hart’s Tongue Fern emerging in late spring in my woodland garden.

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Garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) - some heat in the hedgerow

This spicy little plant is so typical of the brassica/mustard family which includes plants such as cabbages, broccoli, rape, rocket and radish. With a faint whiff of garlic and a gentle spicy mustard flavour, it is a classic hedgerow edible. 650 more words

Plant Profiles

Local Landscapes 2 – Dramatic Drifts of Lady's Smock

Cardamine pratense near Oving, West Sussex

Cardamine pratense near Coleworth, West Sussex

Drifts of Cardamine pratense along hedge near Oving, West Sussex

Drifts of Cardamine pratense along hedge near Oving, West Sussex… 568 more words

Plant Profiles