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Plant profile: buttonbush.

Here’s the first of a series that is meant to be a major part of this blog! I’ve spent a lot of time on google researching plants, and it can be hella hard to find photos that show the overall structure of a plant instead of just the pretty flower bits,¬†let alone anything about how a plant grows and changes over seasons and years. 607 more words


Thank Juniper for Gin

This once notorious¬† spirit (think ‘mothers ruin’ and Hogarth’s prints), now steadily growing in popularity, owes everything to the medicinal qualities of the juniper tree (Juniperus communis). 130 more words

Plant Profiles

Basil & scorpions

I keep my seeds in a little box in the fridge. Over the years I’ve built up quite the variety, so I sorted through it last winter. 946 more words


Toothache Plant

I’ve always liked unusual plants. That’s probably part of why I originally became interested in heirlooms. I like plants that not everyone has, and if they are “black”, or poisonous, or have some unique property, it’s probably going to be one that I want. 293 more words



I adore sunflowers. I think most people do. They’re so darn cheery, and so easy to grow. When I was growing up, the only sunflowers I was really familiar with were the ones with one giant yellow flower that inevitably ended up hanging from its own weight. 488 more words


Sweet Peas (Lathyrus sp.)

DISCLAIMER: Do not eat or otherwise use any plants without doing your own research. I will not be liable if you misidentify a plant or follow misinformation I give (although if I give misinformation, please let me know!). 515 more words


Rose - a symbol of love and healer of hearts

The rose has been synonymous with love for many centuries – romantic love but also deep unconditional love and the sacred essence of divinity are embodied in its intensely beautiful perfume. 648 more words

Plant Profiles