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Giant Solomon's Seal ... and More

Giant Solomon’s Seal (Commutation sp.) grows at the edge of my spring wildflower garden. The garden is between a pine and a hackberry tree, with a sweetgum to the south. 137 more words

Plant Profiles

Cowslip : an Iron Fist in a Yellow Velvet Glove

Not quite as common a sight as its very close relative the primrose, the cowslip (Primula veris) has an ancient and well deserved reputation as a powerful medicinal plant. 589 more words

Plant Profiles

Plant profile 2: German Chamomile

Scientific name: Chamomilla recutita

Family: Asteraceae

Uses in permaculture

Chamomile is a useful companion plant as it regulates soil pH by stimulating the growth of yeasts in soil. 130 more words



Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
Thymus are small woody evergreen shrubs, which grows very well in sunny, well drained, conditions.

The final size of Thyme various from 5 cm (2 inch) to 20 cm (8 inch). 455 more words


Grow your own almonds for beauty and health

I know this is going to sound a bit Mark Twain but the first almond tree I seen was in book. And an art book at that – first year of secondary school, on detention in the library (I know, bad boy of gardening), bored senseless I took a book off the shelf and opened it on the depiction of an almond tree in full bloom by Vincent Van Gogh – it set my brain on fire. 1,310 more words

Plant Profiles