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You’ve probably seen this plant growing in your yard and along the sidewalks but did you know this plant has medicinal properties?

Today the plantain is considered a weed but it was considered a sacred herb in the Anglo-Saxon medical text,  711 more words


Plantain, Plantago major

This summer was an epic crop of plantain. We have two large hugel beds which retain a lot of moisture. We had a very wet summer again, so along with the nettle going crazy, we had a healthy patch of plantain growing right along side. 221 more words

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Gentian root - its bitterness promotes sweeter digestion

Yellow gentian (Gentiana lutea) aka gentian adorns the grassy slopes of Alpine and mountain meadows all across Europe. Its majestic golden flower spike towers above the grasses and marks the spot of the true gift of this plant, the highly prized medicinal root. 93 more words

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Yarrow, Achillea millefolium

Delicate in nature, yet so powerful in action. Yarrow is a wild plant that is resilient beyond belief. Once it finds a home, it will endure every kind of abuse. 152 more words

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Echinacea purpurea Tincture

I just love the bright red colour to these roots! Just as beautiful as the flower!

Many people grow the flower for its beauty, not even considering the… 284 more words

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Extending the Season with Autumn Whites

There is something particularly classy about white flowers when they grow in isolation from other colours, especially when set off by evergreens and foliage plants. Not only do they pick up the low sun so well, but in twilight or by moonshine they glow with a ghostly light. 892 more words

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Yacon - apple of the earth

Wonder crop from Andes, yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius), is closely related to sunchokes and sunflowers. It can grow to 2m but mine only reached about a meter. 147 more words

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