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Dwarf Umbrella Plant

I obtained a specimen of Dwarf Umbrella Plant many years ago from The New Forest Nursery, which I grow successfully in a large round belly clay pot. 357 more words

Plant Profiles

10 Houseplants for Advanced Indoor Gardeners

Now that you have some indoor gardening experience, try some of these lovely plants. They will add a wide range of flower, fragrances, and leaf colours to your collection. 785 more words


Leucojum aestivum- the badly named summer snowflake

You’re probably familiar with the snowdrop. The small white flowers, properly called galanthus, that some people get very excited about, and I find inevitably disappointing in my garden, since they never flower when I hope they will. 655 more words

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A passion for sleep - Passiflora incarnata

The beautiful purple passionflower (Passiflora inarnata) is a very reliable remedy for getting you to sleep and helping you stay asleep for¬† longer. It doesn’t leave you feeling zonked the next morning either. 44 more words

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Spring Irises (OK, Hermodactyloides really)

Spring, that classic period of days alternating between glorious sun and gloomy cloud is upon is.

It’s a time of year when some types of iris are at their peak… except, botanically it gets confusing, because it’s actually¬†hermodactyloides I’m talking about, not irises. 1,083 more words

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Oatstraw- deep nerve nourishment

This mildly sweet tasting brew, rich and gold in colour, is a prime nerve tonic. Loaded with nutrients needed by the nervous system (magnesium, calcium, B vitamins & silca) it has a deeply fortifying action on the nervous system, which in turn helps ease the whole mind and body into a sense of rest and fulfillment. 29 more words

Plant Profiles