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Celebrating World Food Day!

By Kristen Johnson

Today we celebrate World Food Day – a day to take action against hunger. In our world of plenty, no one should live with hunger. 526 more words

DR398   (Our Dominican Vision Trip in 398 words)

Day 1
On the plane, drifting over clouds
And so it begins. We will play in unfamiliar settings and take in all the smells and textures that make up the tiny portion of the Dominican Republic which awaits us. 392 more words


Parakeets, Spanish, and Host Family: My First Month in the DR

It’s crazy to think that I’ve already been in the Dominican Republic for over a month. As quickly as this month has passed, it’s difficult to demonstrate the progress and transformation that comes with it. 1,560 more words


The Next Experience: A Big Announcement

For a short while, now, I’ve been sitting on some big news and struggling with how to properly share it. With blogging, or anything else really, I never want to sound narcissistic, pompous, or full of myself. 748 more words


Empowered for Creative Investment

During a job transition for us, we were privileged for a short time to attend a small church with the loveliest people. Among them were Scott Sabin and family. 781 more words

Traveling and Caring for the Environment (and others)

My profession requires me to travel. A lot. Usually thousands of miles each way. Multiple times a year. And that puts a lot of wear and tear on our natural resources — which seems pretty counterproductive to what I do in sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. 491 more words

El Salvador