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Gardeners and Bakers

Reading: Matthew 13: 31-33

Verses 31 and 33: The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed… like yeast.

Our two parables today are seemingly about something small – a tiny mustard seed and some yeast. 379 more words


Each time there is a major exhibit at Atlanta Botanical Garden, it seems that they acquire a permanent installation to remind people of what had been there before.   127 more words


Welcome to @heisvegan

Hi and Welcome to my new Site, I Brought you @heishungry and i do love food but i also love animals so as i move up to the Sunny Gold Coast i want to swap my Animal based foods for an alternative Plat based product which is good for me and between for those wonderful Animals out there. 29 more words

1st Blog

The Lines

My first thought when I uploaded this photo to my computer …. I really need to dust my plants every now and then, come on you know that’s funny!!! 158 more words

Nature's Engine

I was walking from Wollstonecraft to Waverton via Berry Island Reserve and Balls Head Reserve a few weeks ago with my partner when we came across this engine. 156 more words



I have a plant.

I do not have a green thumb.

Somehow I’ve managed to keep this plant alive.  Probably because it’s one of those that it’s best  585 more words

Keeping It Real