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La Tiendita

According to the Migration Policy Institute, there are about a million immigrants from Colombia, along with their children, currently residing in the United States. Most are found on the East Coast, especially in expected strongholds such as New York and Miami, but a few thousand have found their way to Arizona. 931 more words

Main Street

Canoas de Platano Maduro Puertorriqueñas (Puertorrican Sweet Plantain Canoes)

Living away from my beautiful Island of Puerto Rico is so hard. Not only I miss my family but also the wonderful delicacies that my Island has to offer. 621 more words


Artwork to inspire poetry: plantains

The artwork above is a food artwork.  It is of cooked plantains.  The plantains were sliced and cooked in a butter alternative.  When they were nearing being done, brown sugar, honey and lemon juice were added.  236 more words


Dinner for Jedi - Plantain Fritters with Stir-fried Vegetables

I have to say, if there is one thing my son is already extremely really good at, it is eating and if there is one skill I have acquired since giving birth it is the amazing insatiable desire to eat and eat and eat. 464 more words


Idiom vutam

​Idiomvutam, a pounded food, is a traditional meal mostly known by the southern part of Nigeria, especially, riverain states such as Bayelsa and Rivers.It is also known as Onunu ( the letter ‘o’ calls its name) by the Ijaws, Okrika and Kalabaris. 204 more words