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Plantain Whatchamacallits

Deciding what to call a dish can be more difficult than creating it in the first place. I had no idea what to call these things. 141 more words


Mi Cocina Latina

Last night’s culinary creation combined one new recipe with two old ones I picked up while on the Whole30 for a tasty dinner with Latin flair. 314 more words


Beyond Burger Trial

The Beyond Burger : A very similar to meat veggie patty. I’d seen this special patty online but never took the chance to find it in a store. 159 more words

Bring the Dominican Republic to the table {recipes}

A meal is like a small vignette of a country, its agriculture, its economy and its people. Putting an international recipe on your table is inviting another country’s scents, tastes and textures into your home. 749 more words


BeanaPlan Tortilla Cups

Hello Bellas, hello all,

Hope your week has been Luscious or should I say Liscious from work to family.

Today’s recipe is sure to be a love at the starter table, at the appetizer stand or which ever names we tend to give these little delicacies we indulge in before the main course. 413 more words


Mi Primer Pastelón (& Picadillo for that matter.)

Considering the fact that I love ground beef, I cannot explain how I haven’t gotten around to this sooner.  I mean, I grew up eating all types of Latin Caribbean food, so I really have no excuse.   473 more words


Indian-Inspired Banana Bread

I grew up under two, distinct types of southern: the sweet tea and biscuits kind and the puttu and pazham type. So, it’s natural a lot of my food concoctions end up colliding with my cultural identities. 352 more words