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Plantain Chips

I love plantains.

I had never had them until I was about 25. I was hooked on the first bought. And man have I taught and had loads of conversations about them since them. 570 more words

Gluten-free Plantain, Sofrito Ground Beef, and Andouille Nachos

Plantains are a close relative to bananas. Studies show they help boost the immune system, regulate digestion, and are rich in Potassium (among other vitamins and nutrients.) All three of these facts are extremely important in the diet of someone with an autoimmune disorder, especially one effecting the digestive system and vitamin absorption. 453 more words

Party Dishes

Plantain & Pinto Stew w/ Parsnip Chips | The Vegan Test Kitchen

Forgive us for the poor sound quality…the Vegan Gods were not with us that day. Take this recipe for a plantain and pinto stew with parsnip chips from the Veganomicon as an offering for our transgressions.


Plantain Preserve Bundt Cake

I know the name is quite new to most of you and so is to me. This cake was one of the successful experimentations of my curious mind. 485 more words


Roast Chicken and Vegetables

Easy roast chicken legs and vegetables.


Since my mom didn’t cook today I knew I had to cook for me and my sister. I opened my fridge and found two thick chicken legs. 248 more words

sugary plantains.

Quick post ahead!

Midnight-snack edition.

Source: inspired by Sauteed Sweet Plantains (Tajaditas Dulces de Platano) Recipe. I say inspired, since I think a while back when I searched brown sugar plantains, this one was the one I probably had tried. 126 more words

Recap Day 1 - 03/26 Peruvian chicken

Although we’ve been in DC for over 3 years now, I don’t feel like it will be my forever home. There are some wonderful things however that we love about DC, one of those is Peruvian chicken, trust me once you’ve had it you will never want a boring old roast chicken again. 279 more words