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How To Make A Mexican Lentil Soup You'll Enjoy

Hola, amigos! It seems like lately I’ve been cooking a lot. That’s because cooking or baking something is the best way to warm up the house during the winter. 421 more words


Platano Amarillos - Waste Not, Want Not

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, platanos are a staple food for Dominicans.  Most people are familiar with them in their green state.  We eat them as mangu, tostones, and in pastelones in that way.  540 more words

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

If you plan on using Plantains….

When buying plantains look for ones that are firm when green, yield to gentle pressure when yellow, and slightly soft when ripe (black). 36 more words


Tostones (Fried Plantains)

I have never had plantains in my life. So when my hubby made these I was a little unsure. But they are really yummy. He fries them not once, but twice and then you dip them in ketchup, weird I know. 428 more words


Recipe of the Day- Tostones (Fried Plantains)

Recipe of the Day– Tostones

Level of Difficulty–Easy

Recipe Inspired by–http://icuban.com/food/tostones.html

For anyone not familiar with what tostones are, they are fried, green plantains.  In the past, my naïve self just thought they were basically the same thing as a banana, but in experimenting with this recipe, I have learned that they are quite different.   342 more words

Appetizers/Small Plates


A warm bowl of Cuban quimbombó is a simple yet satisfying rustic stew of pork, vegetables and okra, usually garnished with plantains.

The name quimbombó 453 more words