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A fish dinner down to the bare bones!

There’s an ethnic market a few miles away that I frequent at least twice a month.  They have such a variety of fresh produce from all corners of the globe.  722 more words



Silas Whitley | Crumbs

Used either as a neat party food or just for fun, these have a unique taste similar to both bananas and potatoes. 89 more words

Snack Time

It's on the calendar

It’s on the calendar.


Next week.

Them and me. And possibly some friends.

I just had the best plain plantains, courtesy of my  neighbor, courtesy of me taking care of her mail while she was away. 222 more words

A Little Taste of South America

I’ve always wanted to visit South America, although to be completely honest, up until yesterday (when it was pointed out to me by my well traveled friends), I thought I had been to South America because I had been Mexico…that was a rude awakening, to the utter amusement of my friends and the hubby. 469 more words


Steak with Mojo Marinade

I was first introduced to mojo (pronounced mo-ho, this isn’t Austin Powers) sauce/marinade years ago when my husband bought a bottle of Badia Mojo at a grocery store in Miami. 477 more words


Plantain Bread


This recipe comes from The Purely Twins and it’s pretty awesome. One thing I occasionally miss since eliminating gluten is being able to have a sandwich! 425 more words

People like Plantains?

People, like plantains, have two states, more or less. There isn’t a definite line between those two states. But, it is pretty easy to determine, at the instant of interacting with someone, two which group they pertain. 308 more words