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Using Organic Forms To Create Balance

Repeat flowering rose

Mondo grass in green and black forms

Landscape Architects are trained to use colorful, textural plants to soften what would otherwise be hard, angular spaces.  354 more words


Sun, Shade, Partial Sun, Partial Shade - What does it mean?

Often these terms are confusing even for a seasoned gardener, so below are some guidelines to shed light on the subject, and help you plant with confidence. 170 more words

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Making The Most Of Microclimates

You may think think of your outdoor space as having a single climate – the one indicated on the national climate maps. While that classification is helpful, a garden can include several microclimates, by nature or by design. 272 more words


Winter is Coming

Tips on gardening in November.

by Alexandra Blahosky

I think we are all on the same page when I say that those snowflakes on the first Tuesday of this month were just a small taste of more to come as the days grow colder and colder. 1,019 more words

Veggie Confetti

Microgreens and wheatgrass aren’t just for fancy restaurants or overpriced juice bars anymore.  I can see why they’re continuing to grow in popularity for home gardeners because they don’t require much space, don’t require much work, and have a short time to harvest. 243 more words

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Tuber, or not tuber...

Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. I guess I’m not alone in thinking that, since they’re the one of the most highly consumed veggies in the US.   450 more words

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