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Shaded trees are beneficial in reducing direct sunlight reflections

Trees and Shrubs

Shaded trees are beneficial in reducing direct sunlight reflections. They are necessary when it comes to energy efficiency. Keeping the environment cool, reduces energy spent on air conditional in both commercial and residencial buildings. 618 more words


Trees for the Future

Brazilian farmer Ana Maria at work in the vegetable garden that forms part of the community’s forest garden. Forest gardens meet many needs for local farm families: they provide food, forest products like fuel wood and (through cash crops like coffee) a sustainable income. 24 more words

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Today’s prompt has triggered a memory that goes back  57 years.  I was 12, in the seventh grade. 415 more words

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Blind Man And His Friend With No Arms Work As One To Plant A Forest | The Huffington Post

You may ask, “Why is that blind man climbing a tree?” The answer would be, “So he can plant another one!”

Industrial pollution is poisoning air, water, and wildlife on a massive scale in China. 203 more words



by Ethel Mortenson Davis

The trees have always
extended their hands to us,
making deep, cool chambers of cedar,
birch and maple,
where enlightenment is possible. 81 more words

Ethel Mortenson Davis

Important Kitchenaid Appliance Tips You Need To Know

SUGGESTION! When purchasing furnishings, keep away from sofas, couches, chairs and reclining chairs with hectic upholstery. You’ll end up embellishing your spaces around them if you purchase busy-looking pieces. 146 more words

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Haiti: Launch of reforestation project of La Visite Park

According to Haiti Libre, on Monday at the Royal Oasis of Pétionville a reforestation project was launched. The “1 Million trees at La Visite Park” is an initiative of the organization “Friends of Haiti 2010” and its partners. 241 more words