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To Plant a Tree

On Saturday, October 24th, I volunteered at Make a Difference Day, which was planned and hosted by the SERVE committee, another Richter’s Center Student Leader group… 541 more words

Stories Of Service

What I'm Into ~November Edition

Planting trees is a spiritual activity, it seems to me. Active faith that the thing will grow, fervent hope that it will survive disease and drought and decay, sacrificial love that envisions generations who will benefit from its shade. 577 more words

Tuesdays With Maggie

A New Month & A New Tree

We’ve enjoyed lots of rain this past week on the Olympic Peninsula, with the first real snow arriving on the area’s higher mountains.

The weather has been mild and wet here at 1200+ feet altitude. 370 more words

Don't Be a Phoul: When Neighbors Cut Down Trees

My daughter has been complaining in her recent emails about a family on her street in Bellevue, WA.

They’ve cut down two lovely Douglas fir trees, the kind that startle Easterners like me not used to arboreal skyscrapers, many of them magisterial in their silent dignity bequeathed by longevity. 586 more words


The joy of planting trees. A Limerick.

Plant trees at age seventy-four

is more than the everyday chore.

With heart pounding, face red,

“Check your pulse!” my wife said.

Life’s wonderful, why ask for more?


Proper Planting of Trees & Shrubs in Burlap or Wire Basket

Very often larger landscape trees and shrubs will arrive either wrapped in burlap or burlap encased in wire baskets.  These allow the tree to be picked up by the root ball instead of the trunk and are used to protect the roots during transportation and handling.   716 more words

Evergreen Care



I’ve planted trees of the worst of winters. Trees as empty and bare as they come. The lies I’ve told, the words I’ve spoken. 242 more words