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Plant symbolism, aesthetics and metaphor.

Speckled Bush Cricket.

I’m naturally drawn to photographing plants, flowers and the changing seasons. I like to get close and notice the details, and my camera allows me to see more than is possible with naked eye. 1,134 more words

Surfaces + Strategies

7th Lesson

Eucalyptus seeds

require fire to grow

do not blow them out.


My New Zz Plant & Propagating

We have had this beautiful ZZ plant for sale, aka Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcas), at my work for a little over a month. I finally decided that today was the day to take the little buddy home! 351 more words


Weekly Reflective Response – 9/17/18

This week was all about evolution. We started off the week learning about the different types of Evolution; natural selection-occurs when traits that improve survival or reproduction accumulate in the population, it is selective and adaptive, and can act on predator and prey, body functions/structures, or on two species who co-evolve., mutation- fitness determines the ability to survive, genetic drift- is the change in frequency of traits in a population due to change events, which is not selective or adaptive, non-random. 568 more words


What's in Flower During the Last Week of August and First Week of September

I performed environmental studies on a large tract of land in Charles County, Maryland for three days during late August and early September of 2018.  The study area had three types of natural areas (natural community classifications), which were: 649 more words