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Blog - 03 What the what?!

DISCLAIMER, before I start this I would just like to say that I would never try to make anyone go Vegan/Vegetarian. This is simply my journey and what I’m going through and I would love nothing more but to educate you all during this process. 267 more words

Day 6

Today was pretty stressful. I had a big test today and I still have 2 more tests that will determine (if my scores are high enough) if I pass my med surg course and keep moving forward in school and not have to repeat anything so far. 177 more words


Repainted Flower Pots

Are your plants looking a bit drab this summer in ugly flower pots?  Mine were!  In all honesty, the big flower pots that are now painted the two shades of blue were already at the house we are renting.   426 more words

Violets Are Blue… Yellow, Red and Purple

The perennial wild violet is sometimes unwanted when it spreads rampantly through lawns and garden beds, but its domesticated relatives are cold hardy plants perfect for local gardens. 512 more words

My Garden

What dictates the rate of growth of a crop? Surely it must be temperature, but is that just soil temperature? Is there a factor of day length, sunlight, access to moisture and an innate frustration of lack of growth when too cold? 668 more words


Gypsum, and the Plants that Live On It

The mineral gypsum appears all over the world, but is rarely seen on the surface anywhere except in deserts. Gypsum, is a form of Calcium Sulphate in which each CaSO4 molecule is chemically combined with two water molecules in a solid crystalline form. 848 more words

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