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1-15-18  Bigfork Community Nordic Center

Sometimes falling is the best course of action.

Probably not the best actually.  Not for humans anyway.  Especially not for humans on skis.  1,170 more words


Chili season 2018

Time to start preparing for the next summer’s chili season. This time I have promised myself that I will not fool around with any silly Ikea “passive hydroponics” system or similar. 245 more words

Personal Diary


How did I get lost

on this foreign planet

from which I am made

yet about which I know so little.

I am made from the Earth… 88 more words


Before my first Christmas in Switzerland I went looking for mistletoe to add to the holy and the ivy of a traditional English winter decoration. 262 more words


Osage Orange Trees in the Desert


One of the most surprising sights a hiker may encounter in the CD, must surely be the Osage Orange tree, Maclura pomifera, also known as Hedge Apple, Bois d’arc, or simply Bodark. 1,007 more words