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Springing Up

Oh the glorious beginning of spring. So nice to see some green sprouting up. Or should I say “springing” up?


Spring and a Remnant of Winter

Golden Crowned Sparrow behind the flowers, Western Fence Lizard sunning, and trees no yet showing any leaves.


Pretty Balcony

Taadaa! Ok it’s not that great but it’s a step up from ugly crumbling concrete. After 2 days of hacking through reed screen I managed to get it all up. 317 more words


Growing an avocado tree from a pit

This is my first attempt at growing an avocado tree from a pit.  It seems quite easy as long as you give your pit the right amount of water and sunlight.   350 more words


Grape Day!

This morning we visited a friend who is growing grapes on his farm-land.  The grape vines are only 12 to 18 months and are already producing abundant bunches.   116 more words


Flowers Everywhere

Walking around the property where I live I took some photos of flowers blooming. 8 more words


El Malpais Juniper

Located near Grants, New Mexico is an area referred to as “El Malpais,” the badlands in English. Badlands generally refers to an ecosystem that mostly appear to be devoid of life. 193 more words