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Stress and heart disease

How does stress cause heart disease?

Stress and heart disease has various aspects. Stress can lead to increase in risk factors for heart disease as well as precipitate symptoms in a hitherto silent heart disease. 310 more words

Heart Attack

How To Avoid Toothache

Having a toothache is terrible. Some people even say that toothache is even worse than heartache. That’s why it is better to pay extra attention to your oral hygiene. 272 more words


Unsung Heroes

“In memory of the all the unsung heroes off this area who’s hardship, sacrifice and support during this struggle for Irish freedom will never be forgotten by the Belfast Brigade óglaigh na h-éireann.” The plaque depicts the work of print-makers (“Smash H-Block Armagh”), marchers carrying portraits of hunger strikers (“Mid Falls supports the women of Armagh”), bin-lid rattlers, and muralists (the mural shown is… 66 more words


Cambuslang Miners Memorial revisited

I spotted the relocated Cambuslang Miners Memorial a while ago, but since it was a little dark at the time I wasn’t able to spot the plaque marking its dedication. 124 more words


Garaunteed Masochism

Gaia’s teeth are rotten
Even plaque

-if what we squander
Defines us-

It’s apparent
That some spend their entire existence
Becoming what they were. 38 more words